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A Republic — If You Can Keep It

Mike874 Wrote: Jul 02, 2012 11:37 AM
Like 99.9% of conservatives, I was dismayed by SCOTUS ruling. However, I am not a leftist who sees a unicorn behind every bush, and I realize that unless recended, ACA is the law of the land. I think the anti-commerce part of the ruling will be the death-knell to about 80% of everything the Left had planned for the future, but a word of warning: if Romney doesn't come out with a very specific plan salvaging the popular parts of Obamacare, the center will not be with him.
The Supreme Court decision to uphold the ObamaCare law’s individual-health-insurance mandate is far more complex than all the initial cheers and jeers suggest. Here are five things to take away from the ruling:

The president and Congress lied, but the justices aren’t the truth police. In holding that the individual mandate is a tax, the court directly contradicted President Obama and Democrats in Congress, who’d argued vociferously that it wasn’t. The president, recall, told ABC’s George Stephanopolis it “is absolutely not a tax increase.” But this ruling says that it is indeed a tax — in fact, a huge tax hike...

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