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Unreal: Obama "Truth Team" Ad Claims Obama Never Said "You Didn't Build That"

Mike828 Wrote: Jul 19, 2012 4:06 PM
I've seen many elections, all of which had half truths, lies, and diceptions, but NONE at this level. I am having trouble even believing this is all real. I wonder what Johnny Carson would have said. What worries me are the people who will believe PBO regardless of the evidence.

Panic much?  Here is Team Obama's hilariously pathetic attempt to deflect Mitt Romney's body blows against the president's statist comments from last weekend.  The president has gone from "you didn't build that" to "I didn't say that:"

Simply incredible. The spot shows a clip of Romney reading a verbatim Obama quote, then snarks: "The problem? That's not what [Obama] said."  Twenty seconds later, the ad shows the clip of Obama saying precisely what his "truth team" just claimed he never...