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Blowing Up History

Mike828 Wrote: Jul 19, 2012 4:19 PM
Not to worry, the Goa'ild will come back soon enter the pyramids and fly back to wherever the Ancients are. (reference, Star Gate Movies and TV shows)
I've seen many elections, all of which had half truths, lies, and diceptions, but NONE at this level. I am having trouble even believing this is all real. I wonder what Johnny Carson would have said. What worries me are the people who will believe PBO regardless of the evidence.
Excellent points, but you forgot Montgomery Burns. It always amazes me when Demos cry about Mitt's "fat cat" connections when without those listed above and others I'm sure, PBO would not have made it to the Whitehouse in the first place.
I see some good in that. The more he campaings the less time he has to damage the country.
gee wiz sage tell us how you really feel and don't hold back
Boy, what a concept. Why would Mormons want to kill Spiro Agnew? I've heard many odd, strange, and even humorous accusations against my Church, but this one definitely takes the prize, at least this week.
Ah, priorities. Such a nuisance.
This guy hs not kajones
Lamp shade, Obvioulsy you are an extreme liberal because only a liberal could get away with a name like Auschwitz Lamp Shade. And you all call Bush Hitler. Such hypocrisy.
Let me guess, you're really Bill Maher aren't you?
I'm really surprised at the depth of you knowledge Knownaught011. I wonder if you are an excommunicated Mormon. Even Joe Smith said that many who leave the LDS cult would be its most ardent enemy. Why are you so bitter?
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