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Yes, Michelle, It's Because You're Black

Mike828 Wrote: Dec 18, 2014 11:27 AM
I was in line at a print shop last Christmas. There was an older black lady behind me. I let her go ahead of me. While she was waiting to get her package processed, we had a wonderful chat. She told me where her son was (the package was for him), what he was doing, we traded stories about grand kids etc. She was a charming lady. and I hope she remembers. As she left, she stopped, smiled and waved. The black community is not very large where I live, but I hope one simple thing like that will help the relations between the two races. I really believe that down at the every-day-people level relations between all races are not as bad as some of our "leaders" rant about. I remember as a kid, blacks were commonly called N_____. I remember wondering if Martin Luther King et.al., was right in addressing the race issue. As I've aged, I've conluded that Dr. King did a great service for the country because those issued had to be addressed and resolved. I firmly believe that we have improved greatly since the 50's and 60's. Now I enjoy the complany of people of all backgrounds. Illustration, the tornado that tore thru Oklahoma last year trapped many people. I watched an interview of a black nurse who was trapped under the ruble. She told of how someone finally found her and helped her out. The next thing on the screen, she hugging the man, a white red neck white man, who saved her. He was hugging back and both were tearing up. When I was growing up, that hug would NEVER have happened and I doubt bubba would have help her. My faith in the American people was restored at that time and revealed that the Sharptons and Micheles of the world are far from right.
Ought to have the Congressman who yelled "LIAR" stand up and say "Told you so."
Reverends Sharpton and Jackson would have kittens after reading this article. Someone send it to them.
Yeah, I gotta give you that
I'd take Nixon over Lord Barry, anyday
But he's SOOOOOO important and having to answer to us grunts is really, very stupid.
I went to Podunk U. Makes me glad I did not go to MIT, Harvard, Yale, etc. Good ol' PU taught me about the real world and to know that sweaping generalizations (Americans are stupid) are inherently wrong.
True, I stand corrected. But I still think we would be better off if everyone stops pushing repeal. Kill it with 1,000 cuts (no pun intended.)
Sadly, unless and until there is an anti-ObamaCare President and a veto proof Congress, there isn't anything they can do. Lord Barry will just veto the bill. Without sufficient numbers in Congress the veto will not get overridden. It would be good if y'all would rememeber this fact so other strategies can be worked out.
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