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I suspect a tryst between Legs Lerner and Koskinen.
Words of wisdom from the wizard of insanity. Show us your law degree, idiot.
Wonderful analogy, O brain dead wonder! How much do trolls get paid these days? Nothing? Just what you're worth, idiot.
Gowdy fails, truth fails. Are you happy with the mulatto monster? Do you extol the tactics of the commie president? Is this the country you want for your children? You are an idiot. Take your food stamps to the grocery store and buy some fish, it's brain food,you know.
Do you make any sense? NO Was Rome built in a day? NO Did anybody expect this hearing to be "the" case? NO Do you win a case in one, 5 minute time period? NO Are you an idiot, NRMLUNIT? YES!
Trey Gowdy, a star is born! This guy is electric and will play a very large role in our nation's future. Just in time.....
Obammy works for the NWO, he wants the US to be crippled and die. He loves to see the pain he has caused. Trouble is, our schools turn out dopes that don't realize he has not told the truth once since he's been president. As long as folks know the latest Hollywood divorces, what else is there to be worried about? America is on the way down and out....used to be a great country but the slimy impostor buried us. And Congress will some day be eliminated and we go under dictators from then on. Thanks, American dopes.
Then why the hell do we still have Scalia on the SC? Sounds like he has succumbed to the creeping White House scum.
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