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Cheap Politicians

Mike504 Wrote: Sep 10, 2014 9:56 PM
Well, didn't think I would ever disagree this strongly with my favorite political mind and essayist, Dr. Sowell...however, if money is the problem, and it is, why would we stoke the fire by paying MORE money which exacerbates the greed! Government service was created to be just that, SERVICE! Our Founding Fathers did their service, and then went home to regular jobs like farming...we want smaller government, less intervention, and therefore less need for interference in our lives by politicians, which would mean they can spend less time in Washington and return to their REAL jobs...WE DON'T WANT MORE HIGHER PAID GOVERNMENT POLITICIANS, WE WANT LESS GOVERNMENT, THUS LESS NECESSITY FOR ANY MORE WORK AND PAY FOR POLITICIANS!
As a black conservative, 90% loyalty to any party is blind faith, which is born of ignorance due to apathy or inability to do proper research. Any time a people blindly follow any form of representation that does nothing to improve their lives is cultish or born of ignorance. I was a Democrat for 25 years, but understood through research and awareness that the Democratic party is the "plantation" party, unfortunately,as in the days of slavery, many blacks preferred the perceived "safety" of the plantation to the uncertainty of freedom...it is the same now, the only difference is the government is the plantation and the Democratic party is the party of big government...you can try and spin it anyway you want, fact is, blacks are loyal to a party that sees them only as "useful idiots"
spoken like a true anti-American idiot...why are you here?....leave
Typical liberal communist POS, thinks money appears out of your *ss....I'd like to to get a grip on your scrawny neck!
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WSJ: “Ben Carson for President!”

Mike504 Wrote: Feb 10, 2013 1:18 PM
As a minority I find the Democratic system of "not your fault", the gubment will provide unemployment, food stamps, medical and contraception, affirmative action will give you special consideration even though you are unqualified, education which is inadequate in it's mission to prepare a student for life in society but is wholly adequate in promoting irresponsibility , slanted anti- American history and big government....is like the massa' of the plantation keeping his house and field slaves in line..."plantation mentality"...no thanx!
I'm sorry I hurt your feelings when I told you that you were STUPID...I thought you already knew!!!
Yeah, this poll sounds about right if you're Democrat and liberal...let's see...she failed at marriage with a man wh*re husband, pushed her useless prez hubby for health care reform and it bombed,was elected senator out of sympathy by left wing New Yorkers and had a yawn term, ran for president and got clock cleaned by a nobody community organizer left wing "yawn" senator from Chicago, appointed Secty of State with no significant accomplishment but to stand by while an American Ambassador and three Americans were killed and then hide under the table from the press (remember the "who do you want to answer the phone at 3 a.m. " campaign, it ain't her!), AND NOW POLLS AS MOST POPULAR....all you need for Democrats, a failure!
With a name like raul...lack of intelligence makes sense
Look at this Toure guy, he looks like someone drew a cartoon straight out of Fat Albert cartoon...this thing ain't a man, he's a girl!! What screwed up woman would let this freak touch her?
I gotta a better idea, instead of killing babies, why don't we reduce the financial burden by getting rid of deadbeat fathers or just be pro-poreventative and get rid of *ssholes like YOU!!!!...problem solved
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