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How Democrats in the Senate allow this ignorant harry Reid continue as Head of the majority in the Senate is outrageous. It is criminal, his slander and accusations about his fellow Senators in Congress, along with his blistering attacks on the Speaker of the House is nothing but Character asssinations . Why Rand Paul allows this 76 year old , who has no respect for anybody in Washington even Barrack Obama, saying he doesnt speak like a black man , not one person called him out on that. That is why I have no respect for anyone in the Senate , here they are representing their constituents in their respective states and they say nothing. Is that how corrupt this government has become, I have called out my own Senator Graham , who now is a RHINO , he doesnt represent anyone in SC anymore. He has turned out to be another liar like Obama , thats why he wont be reelected in 2014.
You criminals on the left stold the election, how can Obama get over 150% of the vote in major districts in the country and Romney not get one vote. People were paid to vote five and six times , all the people inthe Obama campaign need to pay for their illegal activities . If Congress wont do anything , the people will , we have names and addresses , we will make sure justice comes to pass . We are not letteing any of you federal employees get away wit your tyranny against the American People . Your days are coming to an end one way or another.
Now that we have the proof , why cant we indite her for treason , she lied to everyone and I cant believe that you guys in Congress , are going to allow this complete outrageous behavior continue. The American people want charges made and sh needs to go to trial , the hell with the union and the protection. The mere fact she said she broke no law was an admition of guilt , we want her to go to jail and fast , stop backing off , get her now.
These Democrats and liberals ,are ignorant , stupid , Uneducated and lack integrity. The only way we will be able to get rid of them is go to Washington, remove them bodily ,lock them up for treason , as they are traitors to America. The only reason they spent and continue to spend millions to run for a job that pays you $195,000.00 dollars a year, is the power and the millions they make off of the job and their relatives get the benefits also. All members of Congress , whose children have student loans are all paid off by the taxpayers. How is that right , they also have all their health care paid for by the Taxpayers, plus every law they pass , they are exempt. plus they all become millionaires. Their families get the best jobs , because of their contacts in the Government, plus all their relatives get priority for hiring in big Government with big high paying government jobs. They will never change , we must march on Washington and take them all out, either the military does it , or the people will do it.
Why does she get Secret Service protection , she isnt the president or an elected or confirmed cabinet member. Is she running the country that smeone in the press or Boehner needs to fund out what her status , she doesnt even have the clearance to be in the situation room . She is communist and marxist , leading Obama around by the hand. How do people in the WH who are true patriots and love American allow this lying Obama continue to ruin this country. I imagine not one Democrat in Congress loves this country anymore , they are all in it for their own pockets and future the hell with America. I feel great , I was at my buddies house the other day and one of his friends works for the elite in washington in Obama's administration , told him right to his face , how could he work for a Boss like Obama who is an outright liar and Fraud . He took exception by my remarks ,told him some examples, IRS , Benghazi, 4 americans dead , 22 Seal Team VI members sent to their deaths in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan, Saying Obamacare wasnt a tax while the Suprem Court said it was . He denied the majority of them , so I said a liar just like Obama. He excused himself and left with his tail between his legs . My Buddy thanked me saying finally one of my friends had the balls to tell him what a phoney he is.
Hillary is a liar , she knew that it was an attack , Hicks testified to your committee that he called her and said it was an Alcaida Attack. Then ask Hillary why did she lie and say it was because of a You Tube video, why did she send Susan Rice to all the TV Programs to say it was a video. Why did your Boss Obama lie to the UN saying it was ayou tube video. Why did you go on pakistan TV and make commercials that cost over 70 thousand dollars blaming it on a You Tube Video. You have no remorse or truth to tell the 4 Americans that died , it was a terrorist attack you lied to them as well
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