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Reminder: How Mexico Treats "Undesirable" Foreigners

Mike4603 Wrote: Mar 27, 2013 10:37 AM
Mexico is NOT a poor country, it has massive naural resourses, the distribution of that natural wealth is less then optimol, but thats a mexican problem, and the US is not responsible to make up for the greed of Mexican elites.
OldMexicanblog Wrote: Mar 27, 2013 10:47 AM
Re: Mike4603,

-- Mexico is NOT a poor country --

The people are poor, and unless countries have minds and souls, countries themselves are not rich; the people are.

-- the distribution of that natural wealth is less then optimol --

No, it is neither less or more than "optimol", there's no such thing as "natural" wealth. Wealth is in the goods and services that people produce, not on the rocks in the ground. Mexico is POOR because the government has constantly trampled on property rights for decades and because we have practiced economic autarky for decades, not unlike North Korea does, except they do it good and hard.
American politicians in both parties are stampeding all over themselves to pander to Mexico and adopt mass illegal alien amnesty schemes. But while the Mexican government lobbies for more "humane" treatment of illegal border crossers from their country into ours, Mexico remains notoriously restrictionist toward "undesirable" foreigners who break their laws or threaten their security.

Despite widely touted immigration "reforms" adopted in 2011, Mexico still puts Mexico first -- as any country that is serious about protecting its sovereignty should and would.

Article 33 of Mexico's constitution establishes the right of the president to detain and deport "any foreigner" and prohibits foreigners from...