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"They cannot be trusted to do big things well, or to enforce the law fairly." Guy, really? Why do you make such silly statements. The democraps can't be trusted to anything well or enforce any law fairly. Just step up and state it clearly and accurately, for a change.
My niece, in 5th grade, is smarter than HItlery...
"The problem is, and this is something, I'm not a military planner but Hamas puts its missiles, its rockets in civilian areas, part of it is that Gaza's pretty small and it's very densely populated. They put their command and control of Hamas military leaders in those civilian areas," Clinton said. Hey Hitlery. You're no military planner, that's obvious, and in addition to that, you're no economist, you're no one who is conversant on the Constitution, or the rule of law, you don't care about the horrors of slaughtering the most innocent and vulnerable of God's children, you're happy to sacrifice citizens and taxpayers for the benefit of those 20 to 25 million foreign criminals, of which 7 or 8 of 9 will vote democrap if legalized, etc., etc. In short, you're just another Godless, amoral, baby-killing, marxist bytch who looks really bad in pants suits. Lowasse, wee willie ether, jaybutt, anyone else, who mindlessly defends this treasonous moron, jump in any time...
loiso2014 Wrote: 24 minutes ago (1:58 PM): "it's okay; the GOP is schizoid and has no message - I'm sure it's hard for you to know what to believe from day-to-day. Good thing you have FOX and Rushbo for assistance!!" And what is the message from your hero, lowasse? If you're illegal, come on in. We would love to have you. No money? No problem. No job skills, no problem. No literacy? No problem. Murderer, drug dealer, rapist, thief? No problem, we have jobs for you in the democrap party. Just ask lowasse. She's been hired to spread her legs on a daily basis.
Does your mommy know that you're out of the basement and using her computer?
Go and read the Hamas charter, dope. Destroy Israel - 1 Kill all the jews worldwide - 2. Will Ethan, showing, again, just how dangerous illiteracy is.
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Mrs. Obama's Desperate Plea

Mike4166 Wrote: Jul 28, 2014 3:35 PM
Actually, in the larger picture of what is going on in the US, these are inconsequential or easily dealt with. Immigration reform: Build the damn fence and enforce the law. Then see where things are. Womens' bodies and healthcare: No one is denied healthcare, unless you tried to go to the University of Chicago Hospitals, when Moochelle was on the hospital board, then you were denied and shipped off elsewhere. Decisions over their bodies? When you take that leap and become pregnant, it's no longer about just you, you've created a unique human life, and unlike man-made globull warming, globull warming, climate change, whatever it's called this month, there is no debating that in the scientific community. Minimum Wage: Almost no one lives on the minimum wage. Actually, only about 3% of the population is or was paid minimum wage, though that may have changed given the unmitigated disaster that Dear Leader's economic policies have been and are. Minimum wage has historically been for those who are just starting out in the job market, such as teenagers working bagging goceries or people bartending and busting tables, because they're working part time or make most of their income off the tips they generate for the service provided. Equal Pay for Women: Check the facts and statistics, women characteristically work less hours, and generally drop out of the job market, about the time they hear that biological clock of theirs ticking, resulting in their decision to leave the marketplace and have children. This leads to the dilemma for employers, knowing that in all likelihood the women they hire will bout out in 8 to 10 years, or less, do they really put as much into them? It's an economic question that idiots like you just won't face. Just another goobermint freebie addict in the finest traditions of flatulence, lowasse, QuackX, wee willy ether, etc. Grow up and start thinking and acting like an adult rather than a whiny, snot-nosed, spoiled, entitled little boy/girl/whatever.
Actually hating everyone who isn't Muslim, to the point, even the "wrong" Muslims..
Wow, svirk, you've completely, with one post, redefined illiterate and stupid. Congratulations.
Michael3116 Wrote: 43 minutes ago (11:41 AM): "I think most people who voted with him are really, really tired of making excuses for his incompetence. As for the rest of us we're tired and angry at the flushing of the country down Obama's ideological drain. The level of his incompetence is amazing." On the contrary, Michael, I don't think it incompetence. It's extreme marxist devotion and he's completely enamored with taking the greatest country, in the history of mankind, and turning it into just another third world marxist sh11t-hole. Unfortunately, so many of the GOPe (esablishment, elite, how ever you want to label the 'e') are so addicted to their places at the Beltway slop trough, and are so impressed with themselves that they won't risk losing that status and those benefits to stand up to the Kenyan Charlatan in Chief. Are you paying attention, GW? Worthless democrap light.
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