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Wow. James you are trully a special breed of stupid.
You mean like the current leadership which has no plans to go head to head with Dear Leader over his illegal and unconstitutional power grab concerning Executive Amnesty for Foreign Criminals? Rather, the GOPe (establishment or elite, take your pick) will be fully funding it with their next spending bill. Two sides of the same coin, psydoc, two sides of the same coin.
Who cares about history, Rand? The democraps in general, and Dear Leader in particular, don't. All they care about is absolute power. With that they can rewrite history in any fasion they like, and the end result will be that you won't even be a footnote.
Can't make that argument. Amensty accepted and signed by Reagan was a byproduct of Mazzoli-Simpson. It was a Congressionally negotiated and passed compromise that allowed amnesty for those who were already here in exchange for border security. The democraps and the Chambre of Crony Capitalism RINOs renegged on security, allowing several million more to come across and gain amnesty. The original number to be allowed to stay? About 1.25 million. The actual number? Closer to 5 million. This is why another bout of Amnesty must not be allowed, under any circumstance. With Mazzoli-Simpson and Hart-Celler, the final number of new disease-ridden, undeducated, illiterate, no to low job skilled, legal immigrants will total somewhere between 30 to 50 million. Then you can kiss any illusion of a 2-party system goodbye. This nation will devolve into a single party dictatorship, leaving the minority one of two options, seccession, if you can maintain your majority in that particular state, or rebellion.
I prefer 'assministration" myself...BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
Nazi P. Lousy. Now that's a truly stomach turning countenance.
On the contrary, Abigail. Keep her right where she is. She's a demented, delusional, witch who costs the democraps money and seats every time she opens her botox contorted mouth...BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
I do, I write them on a regular basis, and to date, I haven't received any answers...
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