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Obama's State of Disunion

Mike4166 Wrote: Jan 21, 2015 1:59 PM
"State of Disunion?" Are you sure abou that? Is it more reasonable to call it "State of Delusion?"
Make sure they're caked in pigs blood, Michael...Hehehehehehehehehe
It's called "Sarcasm," B1RD. I suggest you look it up...
Forget the tax cuts for now. Stop wasting so much money, tighten up the budget, clean out the graft and corruption, eliminate baseline budgeting, pay down the debt, don't just service it, it reeks of prostitution by our goobermint, and we taxpayers become just a bunch of johns.
Sorry, lg, but you can't go to the show. It is not for the public, so save your money...
There was nothing "indirect" about it.
Possibly because they did not watch the film?
You are truly pathetic, Wonder Mutt....
Hi lowass, or is it gw? I get you two confused....BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
Getting into a debate with you, Wonder Mutt is like getting into a debate with lowass...BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
Oh, trust me, lumark. Mcsham(e) is already exploring the idea. And I'm quite certain that this is something that will make gw's day. Right Wonder Mutt?
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