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I'm kind of partial to the term "Targe Rich Environment."
Not surprising, she also stated that she's a freed slave.
No, it's not 57 states. Remember, he stated that he had been to 57 states, and had one or two more to go.
I would like to know what doc against the glock has to say about abortion on demand, and the concept of post birth abortion (ala the Groningen Protocols and the recently passed law in Belgium) is? That would be telling about what he actually thinks are true healthcare threats.
Here we go again. Using departments and appointments to circumvent the Constitution and reduce and remove our Constitutional rights and protections. Is there anyone, anyone at all, in Congress that will actually stand up to this dumbo-eared, braying, tyrannical jack@sse and his jackbooted thugs?
It's Costas. What is there to be expected? When checking SAT scores and the degree programs that people pursue, journalism is right at the bottom, about 100 points above what you score when you can fill out the personal information section of the answer sheet (which is about 435). And, sports journalists are at the bottom end of this segment. So, knowing all that, it's easy to see Costas for what he really is, a self-righteous, self-aggrandizing, pandering buffoon who has absolutely no clue as to how the real world and real people function.
Then let's talk about Lawrence Summers, who as Clinton's special envoy to help Russia set up its capital investment markets, helped his wife with her hedge funds by feeding her inside information. The two of them were tagged and fined in excess of $100 million dollars for all of that, in addition to Larry's efforts causing a collapse of those Russian markets. Where's your outrage over the fact that Sharyl didn't cover these two stories?
loisonumbertastic Wrote: 56 minutes ago (5:01 PM) : "She must have been apoplectic with rage during the Bush administration, but alas I can't find any reporting on Iraq, WMDs, Afghanistan, the US Attorney firings, the decision to send a recent college graduate to Baghdad to reopen the Iraqi stock exchange, the disappearance of a pallet stacked with billions in cash or Alberto Gonzalez lying to Congress.....hmmmm." GW dismissed 7 attorneys, lowass. Where was your outrage when Slick Willy fired almost (93 or 94) all of them when he became president? It is the President's perogative to dismiss US Attorneys for whatever reason he chooses. Glad to see that your clueless streak goes on unabated.
neoreconstructionist Wrote: 46 minutes ago (2:12 PM): "I dont support the murder of anyone. But I am for justice. There is no harm in granting a new trial. Many people around the world agree with me. Amnesty International. The Japanese Parliament, Nelson Mandela. ect.." Good grief neo. How many trials do you want for this personification of evil? He's been tried and convicted on multiple occasions.
They did all vote for Obamanocare.
Would that be Abu-Jamal who admitted on several occasions that he indeed did kill Officer Faulkner, was tried and convicted several times? And knowing all that, Adegbile voluntarily tried to get his conviction overturned. It's not a function of representing someone on death row, lowass. It's because he ignored the facts, and that does loudly call into question his ability to perform the job that he was nominated for. One day, perhaps, you'll start to see things for what they really are, rather than some braindead fantasy from the leftward land of silliness. But since it's you, I won't hold my breath.
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