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Actually, it's considerably more than that, but it's obvious that the McAwful machine doesn't want to know, so they're doing what all progressives do, plug their ears, close their eyes, and sing la-la-la-la-la until it all goes away. As for you, all you're doing is trying to rationalize illegal behaviour, with "only 17?" comments. That makes you even worse than the "I don't want to know" crowd. Congratulations, you've descended even lower than whale shiite.
Voter fraud is how lowass keeps getting her welfare check while spreading her legs for her daily crack fix.
Just ask Norm Coleman. number of eligible voters in Cook County.
Just ask Norm Coleman.
"Voter fraud is real. Who knows how many more illegal votes were cast throughout Virginia's elections and the country as a whole. Hopefully this will be a wake up call to progressives who often choose to look the other way." Voter fraud is how progressives continually win elections, just as Norm Coleman in Minnesota about that. Why on earth would you expect progressives to stop turning the other way, and pretend that voter fraud doesn't exist, on something that has been so successful for them, going back to LBJ in Texas and Richard Dailey guaranteeing Illinois for Kennedy by ensuring that the voter turnout for Kennedy exceeded the number of eligible voters in the county. This is nothing new, and unless the states really start prosecuting this, along with suspending the validation of election results, until all the votes are checked and verified, fraud will continue along its merry way.
Really, lowass? You're still tossing out that tired old debunked canard?
Don't forget he couldn't be bothered to attend the funeral of General Greene either. His golf game was just too important.
I prefer to call it "Calirado."
Welcome to Venezuala 2.0.
There was never any credibility to throw away, Dyadd...
Hey GW. Where are you to opine (whine insipidly is more like it) about how it's us conservatives who are destroying the republicant wing of the democrap party?
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