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Really? Interesting comments from someone who kept telling the rest of us that we had to pull that lever for the (R) because that person wasn't a (D). How'd that workout for you. Talk about two-faced...
Good comeback WJF. You and Henry, McQ, and especially Wonder Mutt (gw) preached and preached and preached, and for something different, preached some more about how we all needed to vote for the GOPe candidate, because, wait for it; they're not democrats. And to date, not one of you has provided a single good reason why voting for these spineless simps was preferrable to the democraps. They've already given the democraps what they wanted in Cromnibus, abortion, and now legalizing millions of foreign criminals. Congratulations. You have what you wanted, an essentially single party, tyrannical banana republic. You should be so very proud.
I'm not a Republican either. I'm an American, and as such, I'm more concerned with the state of the country than the state of the moderate wing of the democrap party.
And DHS has anything to do with parks, lowasse, when? Lowasse, redefining stupid on a daily basis...
*just bad.
You've missed the point. Rand endorsed his run for re-election, and endorsed him as Majority Leader. Those are blanket endorsements, and as we are seeing now, they do have definite and terrible consequences.
I was warning everyone, for months and months about these losers, and no one listened. Millions of disease ridden, can't speak, write or read English, illiterate in any language, no to low job skill, freeloading foreign criminals will now be legal, have Social Security Numbers, and Driver's licenses, and with those, will be able to vote in national elections. Congratulations to the GOPe. You've just downgraded the United States from a 1.5 party quasi-fascist state to a one party tyrannical banana republic. Henry the VIII, Wonder Mutt (gw), and the rest of you party over country jacka$$es should be very proud.
Remember Bear, McConnell, McSham(e), Flake, Grahamnesty, Cockroach, Ayotte, Collins, Murkowski, Cornyn, Rubio, etc., etc. are all good "Conservatives." Just as Henry the VIII and gw....BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
Show us the complete timeline of filibusters, against showing us the hundreds of bills, including annual budgets that Fairy Screed shoved in his filing cabinet never allowing them to see the light of day....
Can't recall US Senators. That's what was lost with the ratification of the 17th Amendment. When Senators were selected by their respective state legislatures, they were subject to recall by those legislatures. Now that they're popularly elected, that weapon to use, to keep these azzhats in line, is gone.
Because Jeb Bush is a completely bought and paid for Chamber of Crony Capitalism, Open Borders stooge.
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