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Who cares about history, Rand? The democraps in general, and Dear Leader in particular, don't. All they care about is absolute power. With that they can rewrite history in any fasion they like, and the end result will be that you won't even be a footnote.
Can't make that argument. Amensty accepted and signed by Reagan was a byproduct of Mazzoli-Simpson. It was a Congressionally negotiated and passed compromise that allowed amnesty for those who were already here in exchange for border security. The democraps and the Chambre of Crony Capitalism RINOs renegged on security, allowing several million more to come across and gain amnesty. The original number to be allowed to stay? About 1.25 million. The actual number? Closer to 5 million. This is why another bout of Amnesty must not be allowed, under any circumstance. With Mazzoli-Simpson and Hart-Celler, the final number of new disease-ridden, undeducated, illiterate, no to low job skilled, legal immigrants will total somewhere between 30 to 50 million. Then you can kiss any illusion of a 2-party system goodbye. This nation will devolve into a single party dictatorship, leaving the minority one of two options, seccession, if you can maintain your majority in that particular state, or rebellion.
I prefer 'assministration" myself...BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
Nazi P. Lousy. Now that's a truly stomach turning countenance.
On the contrary, Abigail. Keep her right where she is. She's a demented, delusional, witch who costs the democraps money and seats every time she opens her botox contorted mouth...BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
I do, I write them on a regular basis, and to date, I haven't received any answers...
Exactly, MrPaul. More illegals. The spigot won't be turned off because the democraps desperately need the parasite class to remain viable, that's most of their votes, locally and nationally, and the chambre of Crony Capitalism wants the continued influx of cheap (read slave) labour to help keep prices low for goods and services. Regardless if it's the democraps or the GOPe (establishment or elite, take your pick), the American taxpayer is screwed, and more importantly, our subsequent generations, children and grandchildren, and beyond that, will have to deal with a collapsed America. There was a time when the changes necessary to make could be made in a gradual stepwise fashion, but no longer. It's time to pay the piper. Close the borders, no more legal and especially illegal immigration. Foreign Criminals (Illegal Aliens) cost the American taxpayer over $500 billion a year in wasted benefits. It would cost about $200 billion to round them up. But according to the open borders crowd it would cost too much to deport them. It's time for Congress to grow a spine and pass legislation limiting the 14th Amendment to what it was intended for, establishing and securing the rights of newly freed slaves, of which there are none, any longer. So actually, the 14th Amendment could itself be amended or repealed. Secure the damn border and let it be known, in no uncertain terms, that any attempt to cross will be dealt with with extreme prejudice, Drug dealers? No more prison, lined up in the public square and hung or have a bullet put in the back of their heads. Welfare? Let it be known that everyone on welfare has one year to find a job. After that, you're on your own, because the checks stop coming. And anyone who doesn't like any of this? They're free to leave the country, and a word of advice to them? Don't let the door hit you on the @zz on your way out.
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