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loiso2014 Wrote: 1 hour ago (11:13 AM): "I was being facetious - we don't have the best healthcare system in the world; we spend tons and tons of $$ on insuring old sickly people (medicare); obviously the biggest waste of gov't $$ ever." I'll remember you said this, when you get old, lowasse; assuming that you actually make to old age, which is highly doubtful.
It's there are, not there's. This is due to the fact that "facts and figures" is plural, not singular. Loweasse, another proud product of the Shitcago public school system.
Wow, lowasse. Guess who's responsible for instituting it. It was the same party that chortled and gloated, upon establishing the welfare state, "it will have every damn n***er voting democrat for the next 200 years." Oh that's right, lowasse. It's your party, the damnable democrap party.
Costco claims that it was because D'Souza's book only sold 3600 copies, and that may be the case, but because Costco is the leftists answer to Sam's Club, I have my doubts.
loiso2014 Wrote: 28 minutes ago (10:56 AM): "nice name calling; very conservative of you! then they should reject Obamacare; send the people the help out into the free market..." Grammar aside, loweasse, your spew has absolutely no coherence or relevant content. Lowasse, demonstrating. to great extent, the inadequacies and horrors of public education in Shitcago.
It goes even farther with Slick Willy. I'm waiting for someone to ask him why, as a full scholarship student at Oxford, he was uncerimoniously thrown out, and with no degree. The reason? He raped a coed there, so this is something that is pathological with this guy, just like his lying. He's a serial rapist, pure and simple.
"Here's a thought for Ms. Ireland, who argues the Little Sisters of the Poor should simply "opt-out." If women want contraception coverage, they have the option of opting out of jobs that do not provide what they are looking for." I see, Ms. Ireland. Nuns should just opt out of what they are doing. Now we see the true efforts behind all of this. Destroy God, eradicate him from our society and replace him with the almight and omniscient state, headed up by the like of Dear Leader and Patricia Ireland.
Let's legalize drugs, and then we'll have a nation of legal addicts as opposed to illegal addicts. Now that's a distinction that I can get behind. Moron.
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