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And when the GOPe (establishment or elite, take your pick) become essentially indistinguishable from the democraps, where do you go then, moron?
When he walked out of that farmer's field, claming that all four of the members of the party killed a goose each, but Kerry didn't have his, indicating that he just left it out in the field, in violation of Federal Game Laws...
"Independents, low infos and women." Would those be the demographics that "Billion Dollar Ditch" McConnell has always been underwater with in the past? His problem is that he's departed the conservative roots of KY, and that's why this race is as close as it is. What a dolt.
That would be good, except there are about 10 RINO's, in the Senate, so to get a true majority, the GOP would need to have about 72 seats, and then it's no guarantee because some of the seats would certainly be occupied by those similar to McShame, Grahamnesty, and Cockroach. Right, GW?
Sadly, those of us who truly value The Constitution, and the United States, lose out, while party hacks and shills, like you GW, keep benefitting from the slop trough that is the beltway. Just something so inherently wrong with that.
It's time to make one point very clear, even sufficiently clear for you, Nazi P. Lousy. True citizens of this great country will take dangerous freedom over save slavery any day of the week.
"Liberal attempts to eviscerate the Second Amendment aren’t going away, but that doesn’t mean we should not stop defending the right to bear arms. Watching anti-gun liberals fail is spectacularly entertaining, but conservatives should be vigilant in their attempts to curb gun rights." You obviously haven't been paying attention to what is happening in light of the enactment of "Operation Chokepoint," have you. Moron.
Kowing that you have the right to choose to not have to deal with the inconvenient consequences of your remarkably irresponsible and regrettable lifestyle is all that is important to you, isn't it, lowasse...
And who are his partners? Turkey is avoiding this deal, like the plague, they have enough trouble on their southern border as it is. With the UK and Germany bowing out of this, no one else in NATO is going to step up, especially since the man pushing this is not going to be committing ground troops, and thinks this can be dealt with using tiny, random airstrikes. There is a war coming; and it is a war of faith. The question, when facing an enemy such as ISIS, or any other truly devout, orthodox Islamic group, do we, as a nation, have a chance since we've long abandoned God, and God's laws, in favour of the omnipotent all knowing state, and consequently abandoned "The Rule of Law" in favour of "The Rule of Men."
Why am I not surprised.
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