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Hundreds of millions to galavant about China, this go 'round.
Paul1168 Wrote: 19 hours ago (2:47 PM): "I don't know what's going on, but the receiver is legally considered the firearm. It's what has the serial number on it. You can by aftermarket barrels, stocks, actions, etc etc with no problems - but the receiver is considered the critical component that makes a firearm a firearm. The problem seems to be that the ATF is treating polymer receivers differently from metal ones, which it shouldn't do. So long as the company is following the law for shipping all receivers (which, I believe, would mean that it could ship only to licensed gun dealers who, in turn, do the proper background checks and transfer the receiver to the individual, just as happens if you order a full firearm online or through the mail) there shouldn't be a problem." Missing the point, Paul. The lower receivers that are being sold are "blanks." As such, they require additional machining to make them operational, and as "blanks," they don't require serial numbers or sales to FFL's. There's the rub, several thousand people, from just this manufacturer, are builiding untraceable firearms, and that is something that would make any rogue agency, within a tyrranical government squirm, at least a little bit.
The BATF is an agency that went rogue decades ago, and this is just another example of that illegal and unconstitutional behaviour.
Doesn't matter, WJF, her door is always as open as her legs.
Joel176 Wrote: 53 minutes ago (1:19 PM): "No, but what he can do is push for regulations which would require doctors to question whether you own guns or not." Day late and a dollar short, Joel. It's already in the associated paperwork when going to see a doctor, courtesy of Oblamernocare.
I'm kind of partial to the term "Targe Rich Environment."
Not surprising, she also stated that she's a freed slave.
No, it's not 57 states. Remember, he stated that he had been to 57 states, and had one or two more to go.
I would like to know what doc against the glock has to say about abortion on demand, and the concept of post birth abortion (ala the Groningen Protocols and the recently passed law in Belgium) is? That would be telling about what he actually thinks are true healthcare threats.
Here we go again. Using departments and appointments to circumvent the Constitution and reduce and remove our Constitutional rights and protections. Is there anyone, anyone at all, in Congress that will actually stand up to this dumbo-eared, braying, tyrannical jack@sse and his jackbooted thugs?
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