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big_conservative Wrote: 57 minutes ago (10:50 AM): "The dirty little secret the Dims don't talk about is they aren't going to stop at healthcare. They, through healthcare and the IRS will be able to dictate everything you do, or don't do, as it can ALL be tied to your "healthcare" in some convoluted way." It's already starting. HHS has tactical teams being trained in urban assault tactics, by DHS, for the purpose of entering people's homes under the guise of "Health and Safety Inspections." These inspections are based on the information that you provide your doctor, who is required by law to report all of this information to the national register. This allows HHS to enter your home, without cause or warrant, to seize anything they deem to be a potential hazard to yours and your childrens' health. In short, this is the end around the 4th and 2nd amendments that the democraps, and some of the establishment Republicants, have been looking for. This legislation is the real beginning of the end of the Constitution of the United States, and along with it, the end of the US as well.
Why would they be up for this kind of fight, Dyadd? At every turn, when they had opportunities to stop this godless monstrosity in its tracks, they've turned their backs on the American People and have sided with the democraps. This will continue to go on until the likes of John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan, John McCain, Lindsey Grahamnesty, Lamar Alexander, Mitch McConnell, Susan Collins, Bob Corker, etc., are run out of office and replaced with people of moral certitude, character, and backbone.
Try writing the producers, moron. Their track record of producing quality and thought provoking documentaries is quite long. Doctor X. Just another godless, amoral, baby-killing, braying democrap heard from.
Not "not paying attention," Ann, but rather PP, the city of Philadelphia, and the state of Pennsylvania, not to mention any federal government heath agencies involved were turning a blind eye to what they knew was going on, and was going on for decades.
Is that all you can come up with in defense of your idiocy, lowasse?
Next to none, Carlos. There is no real history taught any longer. Thefaculty of so called "Institutions of Higher Education" have bought into the concept that "History starts at 08:00 this morning."
Welcome to the Pogroms 3.0.
Or the yellow Star of David.
Hundreds of millions to galavant about China, this go 'round.
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