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Really? When it comes to the Constitution and interpretations of the clauses within, I'll listen to Mark Levin long before I pay any attention to the drool coming out of the corners of your mouth.
It's all part of the grand "Right Wing Conspiracy," don'cha know, WJF. Dear Leader is completely blameless in everything that goes on around him. He couldn't be responsible, he wasn't even there. He was out on the golf course or on vacation.
He is a GOPe party shill, James, and as such has no concern about the Constitution and Constitutionality. For GW it's party, party, party, country be damned.
I forgot all about that senile scumbag.
And another thing, as the "minority" party, they never have to worry about making decisions that have actual consequences.
Right GW. It's the TEAs who are the problem. It's never been "Billion Dollar Ditch" McConnell, Cornyn, Alexander, Corker, Collins, Grahamnesty, McShame, Rubio, Murkowski, et al, who consistently vote democrap when it really matters and then turn around and vote against a measure when they know it doesn't matter, and then brag to braindead morons, such as yourself, about what great conservatives they are, and how the could get so much more done, but if it weren't for all those democrats, all the while pillorying the actual conservatives in the House and Senate. The bottom line is, your GOPe (establishment or elite, take your pick) heros are happy being the minority party, because they get to caterwaul about the evil democrats, and all the while they get to keep their place at the beltway slop trough, growing rich on the backs of their constituents, those very same constituents, like you, who are consistently and repeatedly betrayed, but, like you, keep voting them back into office. You truly are a great example of how despicable and pathetic those voters are who vote for party over country, and you're simultaneously deserving of our scorn and pity.
There was one, on FDR's cabinet, who not only questioned it, but outright disagreed with it. HIs name was J. Edgar Hoover.
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