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Good Girl with Gun Lives, Bad Guy with Knife Dies

Mike3676 Wrote: Jan 25, 2013 12:24 PM
If the Great Obama, may his name be praised, and Biden the Clown had their way, this woman and baby would be dead. Where is the press conference announcing this?

In my world, if a violent altercation occurs between two humans, the innocent assaulted party should live, and if anybody has to die or get critically wounded, it should be the sadistic perpetrator. Call me freaky.

To make certain this occurs, the innocent party has to be able to do one or two things when the crap hits the fan:

1. Open up a can of whup ass and immobilize the foul weed, thus sending him to the hospital.

2. Double-lung the loser with a hot dose of lead, thus sending him to hell.

Yes, the...

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