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Liberals only demand that Conservatives maintain any standards.
As usual, the democrats demand higher standards from Republicans than they demand of themselves.
Oh, so the democrats will basically say "Hey, we gave you this crummy law, trust us to fix it." We should ask them, "Hey, will you read it this time?"
Couldn't say it better myself.
Want to see racism? See how democrats treat Minorities who are Conservative.
Can't blame all of ObamaCare's problems on her. It is a horrific law to begin with, she just made it worse.
Whenever I see her or Harry Reid, that great Beatles song comes to mind: "Fool on the Hill"
I love Mayor de Blasio. He'll be great for business, at least in New Jersey. Just because New York is the self-proclaimed greatest city in the world, that won't keep businesses there if they keep losing money, and greener pastures are just on the other side of a river.
The question for every Democratic candidate who says they want to change the law: "You stuck us with this crummy law, why should we trust you to fix it?"
While I think it is obvious that Hillary Clinton is running for President, all the speculation about her possible "success" fails to touch on the biggest question mark on her resume: How did she lose the 2008 Democratic nomination to the most unqualified candidate in history? Let's get real, she should have cruised to the nomination, but she lost. She may assume the election will be a coronation, and if she does, hopefully she will be very surprised, again.
Liberals are so open minded . . . . until you disagree with them.
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