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As usual Dr. Paul is correct once again. It is just too bad for this nation that both the House of Representatives and the Senate didn't use or understand Dr. Paul's knowledge and incite when he was a Congressman or even today for that matter.
I think after a Jury has found a defendant Guilty of a horrible crime such as Rape, Murder, or Child Molestation, the Guilty person should not go to prison, but should be handed over into the custody of the victims family in handcuffs and shackles, so the victims family can carry out their own system of Justice. if and when the victims family is through with the guilty person, if he/she is dead, the victims family should simply call the local Coroners Office and have the body pickled up and dispensed with, no questions asked. This would eliminate the need we currently have to house, feed, clothe secure and provide medical care to thousands of prisoners sitting in our nations prisons and the taxes used to support them as well as the Private Prison system. which makes Billions of dollars yearly off of criminals and taxpayers. After all , it is the victims and the victims family only that is actually harmed by the actions of convicted criminals, not the community, or even the State.
Our nation does not need or want another Clinton, Bush , or any other Dynasty in the White House. It will take some time for our nation to recover from the Obama Regime and his work in destroying our nations credibility with Foreign nations as well as our own Economy, but the U.S. can and will recover. Because we are an exceptional nation whether Obama believes it or not. We need a President, Congress, and a Supreme Court that will follow the Constitution, and abide by the beliefs of our Founding Fathers in order to recover as a fruitful, stable, and respectable nation.
I would like to see a question on the national Presidential Ballot for the citizens to vote on. The question should be simple and worded in a manner that the common man/woman could easily understand and make a Yes or No vote on. The question should be, :Shall Congress Abolish the Federal Reserve, Repeal the Federal Reserve Act, and return the power and authority of printing our own Interest Free money to the U.S.Mint so we can stop creating Debt slaves out of the citizens of this nation. Just like out U.S. Mint prints or stamps out our coins, all interest free, the U.S. Mint could do the same to our Dollar as well, and we would not need to borrow our own money At Interest anymore saving the taxpayers Billions of dollars in Interest payments to the Federal Reserve for a service we have the Constitutional Authority our government has on it's own, which is print our own Interest Free Currency.
That would be a good choice if Connecticut had a Recall Amendment that their citizens could take advantage of, but unfortunately just like with Illinois, they do not, therefore they apparently are stuck with these State Legislatures until the next election cycle where hopefully the citizens can make much better choices and monitor the elections much better. or have the opportunity to add a Recall Amendment to their State Constitution like Colorado has done many years ago. Isn't it amazing how State Legislatures and Governors fear the people of their respective States having Recall Amendments they the people of their States can take advantage of if they make bad election choices for their respective States.
It is most unfortunate and sad that the the citizens of Connecticut, just like the citizens of Illinois does not have a Recall Amendment in their State Constitutions, to correct the errors of bad election choices made by the voters of their respective states. and like Illinois, Connecticut makes it very difficult to add a Recall Amendment into their Constitution which would greatly benefit the citizenry from bad election choices they made in electing ant-Freedom, ant-Gun, and anti Choice Legislatures who prefer to act like Kings, instead of the Public Servants that they are who must by Constitutional law abide by the wishes of their constituents needs and not by knee jerk reactions to a sad and most unfortunate incident. No State should make it difficult to add a Recall Amendment to their State Constitutions, by doing this, they almost guarantee the State Legislatures have lifetime positions because of the difficulties in allowing pro-gun, pro-freedom-pro-choice candidates to run against them or to allow citizens to recall these elected officials.
I concur, Obama Controls the military, the police forces and unfortunately they will follow his orders without question. Regardless of whether you are innocent of a crime or not, if he says arrest or kill you they carry his orders out. That makes Barack Hussein Obama the most dangerous man in America. Police and military should learn to question their orders to determine if they are Lawful orders or not, An Unlawful order members of the Police and Military have a Duty to refuse to Obey.
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A Return to Keynes?

Mike355 Wrote: Oct 18, 2013 2:06 AM
Actually since the Federal Reserve Act was implemented we never left Keynesian Economics, and our economy has been worse off for it. Anytime a Government relies on a Private bank to loan them money @ interest instead of Printing their own Interest Free Money and distributing it themselves, that Government will always be in debt. We have the Constitutional Authority to Print our own Interest Free Money, but our Government is afraid of using that authority, are Government wants to keep our nation in Perpetual Debt to the Bank known as the Federal Reserve. It is like making a choice of an individual having the authority to print their own money or going down to their local bank to ask for a loan with interest. The average intelligent person (if they had the authority to do so) would print their own money obviously. If we Printed our own Interest Free Money and kept the money printing equal to our Gross Domestic Product of our nation, we would never have to worry about Debt, a Debt Ceiling, or Inflation which robs people of the value of their money daily.
Nothing Affordable or Care about Obama Care.
good for cruz stand your ground because you are actually standing the ground of the majority of the American people.
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