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DSMike - you are correct. Context and languagistic style are required to understand anyone's writing. However, I doubt Richard even read the passages. Just pulled out and pasted something he had read from some other place. Totally lazy on his part.
51 years old are you? Didn't vote for LBJ? I'm guess you're a bit slow on basic arithmatic. You were born the same year LBJ became president. "And back then you had to be 21 to vote - but maybe newborns vote where you come from. By the way you write, I'm guessing your in your mid 20s and don't know when LBJ was president. By the by - specific applications of law are in fact set by the regulator agencies and have the force of law with respect to the organizations they regulate. And UNC will comply & inforce because it is easier and less costly. It also, of course, fits their agenda.
Agreed and well said. The military is duty bound to give their best assessment. This war is not over and won't be over for at least 100 years. If we pull back, they will move forward till they are stopped or their culture changes. Aggresively standing up to the radical islamists both halts their progress and gives imputus to a cultural change. If we allow them to win, they will think they are dominant - an illusion we must shatter. This president, however, tried to do a "Kennedy Bay of Pigs" by doing half-steps rather than apply a robust, full effort - something certain to fail.
Good grief. Brain dead comments like this make me crazy. 1) Just because you run away, doesn't mean the war won't follow. 2) In WWII we were fighting countries with populations willing to follow their leaders and that didn't have large numbers of people willing to die for their religion once the country folded. Japan required the emperor to accept defeat and direct his people to cooperate and if he hadn't done that, we would have had to kill millions more. 3) Germany was largely exhausted by the time we entered the war and Japan was way over extended, so their callapse under strong pressure was a forgone reality. Add to this Russia's involvment and, well, they had no chance. BTW - both the Japanese and Germans were much more afraid of the Russians than us. What could we do today if we had active, positive cooperatation from China and Russia or even real commitment from the Europeans? Finally, long, protracted wars are the norm, not the four years we participated in WWII (which had started as a hot war in 1939 and was actually a continuation of WWI - so think of it going on for 26 years, not the last few we participated in it). Then, to make sure we didn't have to fight either country again, we occupied and ran them for a decade and retained a major force, only in part to counter the Soviets, for 50 years. We also maintained a large force in S. Korea for a similar period &, if events don't improve, could easily see that war (never officially concluded) become very hot again.
West Point hasn't used "so help me God" for a long time. Oh well, it's not a church - especially when you hear some of the cadets talking in private.
Nah - same difference, not a subtle shift. Can't use modern semantic orientation to determine their meaning.
No - you don't get to pull out what you find inconvenient.
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