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Rand Paul Could Be Biggest Shock of 2016

MIke3094 Wrote: Mar 28, 2013 8:42 AM
First of all I have a man crush on Rand Paul. I love his economic policies. He will shock the establishment to its core with his ideas on how to shrink the government. I think he will win over the youth, and slowly get more people to listen, understand and believe. The media will try to destroy him, liberal and conservative, but he will promote himself. His march to the White House will truly be grass roots.

Mention his name to most Washington, D.C., insiders and plenty of his GOP colleagues, and you will hear everything from "frustrating" to "crazy." But Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky might be just conventionally unconventional enough to stun his party and the nation in 2016.

A cleverly written op-ed piece in The New York Times had the unintended effect of convincing me that Paul may well be both the GOP Establishment and left-of-center Democrats' worst nightmare.

In his Times piece, columnist Frank Bruni does a very good job of reciting what he considers fatal past remarks by Paul. And...