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Revealed: The Newest, Secret Tactic by the American Federation of Teachers to Get You to Cough Up More Cash

Mike28 Wrote: Sep 23, 2012 3:15 PM
Poll responders remind me of the mindless posters on football forums. They root for their team, but deny all reality of a bad team and any posters that point out that the team is bad is pounced upon and torn apart. They mindlessly berate any criticism of "their team" true or not. They refuse to see facts that are painfully obvious. This obviously carries over to their political thinking. (I use that term, thinking, lightly)

Kevlar wrote: Lots of us owe our love of numbers to our Public School Education.

40 percent is the drop-out rate for Chicago Public School Children

40 percent is how many Chicago Public School Teachers won’t send their kids to any public school…not even in Suburbia

40 percent of Chicago Public School 8th Graders rated “basic” and 36 percent rated “below basic” so nearly 80% were not proficient in reading

40 thousand dollars – average household income of Chicago Tax Payers ----- well over 100 thousand is the average household income of Chicago Public School Teachers


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