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Federal Court Upholds Wisconsin Law on Unions

Mike28 Wrote: Jan 20, 2013 1:42 PM
You are so wrong it's mind boggling. You need to read some history my friend. I lived it. I'm not a supporter of today's unions, in fact I believe they need to be dismantled. The corruption is worse then ever. However, labor organized to protect themselves, the worker. There was no OSHA setting work place safety, companies normally refused common sense safe guards on equipment reguardless of cost. If a forman's nephew or friend needed a job you were terminated and replaced.

Those looking for excellent news in the midst of a clearly-souring global economy can find it in Wisconsin.

I am pleased to report Federal appeals court upholds Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s restrictions on public unions

A federal appeals court on Friday upheld Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s contentious law stripping most public workers of nearly all of their collective bargaining rights in a decision hailed by Republicans but not undoing a state court ruling keeping much of...

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