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And They Called Me Pure Evil

Mike28 Wrote: Dec 09, 2013 7:34 AM
Bravo Mr. Ransom. You are the first to acknowledge that Obama is not Brilliant. I would offer to you this; He is the dumbest POTUS I have ever seen and this includes the peanut farmer. I am 73 and have seen quite a few. No person of any integrity would believe this person any longer. Too many lies, too many times on too many subjects.
Eventually India and/or China will go to war, either within their own country or with neighbors.
BS your numbers don't add up
I kinda agree with you. Everyone can choose who they associate with on a personal level and clubs can also choose. But a business open to the public cannot. There are no more stag bars, nor can you deny entry or service based on race, etc. If I had a business such as a bakery and a gay couple wanted a wedding cake, I would take the order, out source it and have it delivered. just sayin'
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Obama on Vacation: The $28,429,533.47 Man

Mike28 Wrote: Aug 26, 2013 12:32 AM
I have an idea for job creation. Let's round up those 11 million illegal aliens and give them an option of going to jail at hard time or volunteering to go home. Then we can put them on buses and transport them. Drivers would be put to work, mechanics would be in demand, manufacturing would hum again making the parts for the buses and assembly of same. We could put these manufacturing jobs in low income areas. There would be an increase need for truck transportation, more drivers, more mechanics. Schools for mechanics and drivers would flourish, etc. Oh, wait, that's right we CAN'T do that, right?
eventually all the losers will be on the dole which will eliminate competition from job slots. eventually, (about 3 years, 5 months) and this non-smart puppet in the WH will be gone. Hopefully our conservative wing will draft/convince Condi Rice to run against "Slick's" woman. It would be refreshing to have a confident, astute and INTELLIGENT person in the WH after 8 years of the current occupier.
Well, dang, here I thought the sequester was bo's plan.
17 year old punk attacked another person, was on top of him striking him and slamming his head against the concrete. Fortunately the victim was carrying and saved himself from grievous bodily harm or death. Self defense.
Why would any western nation allow muslims in their armed forces? This is the height of folly and stupidity.
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