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And They Called Me Pure Evil

Mike28 Wrote: Dec 09, 2013 7:34 AM
Bravo Mr. Ransom. You are the first to acknowledge that Obama is not Brilliant. I would offer to you this; He is the dumbest POTUS I have ever seen and this includes the peanut farmer. I am 73 and have seen quite a few. No person of any integrity would believe this person any longer. Too many lies, too many times on too many subjects.
Eventually India and/or China will go to war, either within their own country or with neighbors.
BS your numbers don't add up
I kinda agree with you. Everyone can choose who they associate with on a personal level and clubs can also choose. But a business open to the public cannot. There are no more stag bars, nor can you deny entry or service based on race, etc. If I had a business such as a bakery and a gay couple wanted a wedding cake, I would take the order, out source it and have it delivered. just sayin'
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