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Of course they have been withholding information right from the start. That allowed them to make up the story of the video and lie through their teeth. Obama had just bragged that Al Quida had been decimated and he took a victory lap. We can't have that and then the elitist troll Hillary said - What difference does it make now?
The picture shows that the Botox treatments have totally failed and it has infected her brain or caused a tumor.
"Let me condemn the beheading of the journalist". I be heading to the golf course now.
Well, this country did survive two world wars and several minor wars, inept stupid politicians, the Great Depression and it will survive the worst President in history. It will just take a while to recover from the damage this man has done.
Yes, I really don't think love is a rebuke to ISIS/ISIL or Al Quida. Those barbarians could care less about love since all they think about is hate and killing infidels.
I wonder if we will find out who "Bob" was that told these guys to stand down. Of course, he had his marching orders from Shrillary.
On the advice of my attorney, I respectfully decline to answer the question and invoke my 5th Amendment rights against self incrimination. - Any witness called.
Nancy Pelosi said the best way to stimulate the economy is through unemployment checks. A nation of unemployed is sure to revive the country, right?
The Party of Truman no longer exists. It was hijacked after Kennedy by Progressive Socialists. They should re-name it the Progressive Socialist Democratic Party.
They think if they were glasses, they look intelligent and then they have to speak and then we find out they are as dumb as a doorknob.
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