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Better yet, the Israeli's use skunk spray. Send one of those fire fighting tankers over there loaded with skunk spray and douse the ISIS boys with it. They will scatter to the hills quickly.
I'll say one thing, they are consistent in making acts of war crimes. If Holder is asked about this, he will just say it is under investigation and he can't comment. That should last him until he and Obama are out of office.
"No God would stand for what ISIL did yesterday". Hmm! does this mean he acknowledges more than one God? Obviously a Christian God and Allah! Given his preferential treatment of Muslims, I think I know which side he is on.
Saudia Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates may very well be funding ISIS. Didn't the 19 hijackers come from Saudia Arabia and Bin Laden was a native son?
The prayer rug is under the Resolute Desk that he puts his feet up on all the time. The most beautiful sound he has heard was Islam's call to prayer.
Perhaps he is just confirming that his God is Islam after declaring that he was Christian to get elected.
Appalled??? Nihilistic???? Does any low information voter know what he is even talking about? Sounds good to them!
Has this man even seen the inside of the situation room in the past year or so? That tee time is really important. Maybe he can fly Butch Harmon in for another lesson.
Never let a good crisis go to waste, right?
Nancy referred Hillary to her Botoxologist to no avail.
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