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This man has been on 400 fundraisers since he took office, all on our dime. AF1 has probably had several engine changes due to the number of hours logged. We are not even counting the numerous vacations to Hawaii and Martha's Vineyard and they are several million each, all on our dime. If it is not your money, there is no limit than can be spent.
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A Policy So Bizarre, So Obama

MIke274 Wrote: Jul 23, 2014 11:49 AM
Why not just announce that he has reached agreement with EU to supply their natural gas for the long term? That would get Putin's attention and help our balance of payments deficit and provide a boost to our Oil & Gas market which has plenty to spare now.
So are they drawing yet another red line in the sand like they did with Syria?
So is the fake Indian going to take some money from the Indian Casinos?
I wonder if she keeps that bladder bottle strapped to her leg when campaigning.
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Democrats’ Record of Failure

MIke274 Wrote: Jul 18, 2014 9:35 AM
But if we oppose Obama's policies, we are called racists.
I saw the brief remarks. He hardly finished his sentence on condolences and hoping no Americans were on board before he asked the audience for a hand for the guy who introduced him. He had no look of concern on his face. Merely another of those bumps in the road.
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Are Black Voters Turning Against Obama?

MIke274 Wrote: Jul 17, 2014 11:30 AM
I think the Hispanic illegals will "out benefit" the Blacks when it is all said and done.
A lot of Blacks voted for him because he was black and could care less what his policies were or how bad they were. Teen black unemployment is 20%. Why are they not outraged that their President cares nothing for them and their plight?
The country hasn't had a leader in at least 6 years.
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