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I say they should put Allen Grayson and Debbie Wasserman Schultz in charge of selling it.
Nancy said she had to pass it so we could see what was in it.
Haven't you saved your $2,500 for your family yet?
Just like Lois Lerner.
Obama didn't want to file where he got all his campaign money. I wonder why!
Harry Reid says that the reason the goal was hard to meet is that the American People are stupid and can't figure out how to use the Internet. They can do Amazon.com, but not Healthcare.gov.
Harry Reid famously said that all the horror stories about Obamacare were lies. That was really helpful to the Democratic Party, wasn't it?
Paul, Lee, Cruz, Rubio & Palin need to campaign for Bevin. The 30 year veteran RINO needs to be put out to pasture.
Let's just throw her in jail for Contempt and let her cool her heels for a while. Perhaps they should have a cell with four huge dikes to put her in with.
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Obama Must Go

MIke274 Wrote: Mar 04, 2014 12:38 PM
The 40% that think he is good are the ones receiving all the benefits they were promised and don't work for a living.
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