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Just today in Illinois, the voting machines were rigged to vote Democratic if the voter pushed the Republican button. It was supposed to be a calibration problem. I wonder who calibrated the machine, the SEIU who made sure Dirty Harry won when he had an approval rating in the low 40's last time. A Republican will never win an important election in Illinois as long as the thieves are in control of the ballot box/machine.
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Paul Krugman's Late Obama Valentine

MIke274 Wrote: 3 hours ago (3:30 PM)
Krugman got a Nobel Prize just like his President did for doing nothing. That tells us a lot about how meaningful the Nobel prize is.
If any Democrat is running on Obamacare's success, I think they are in big trouble and voting on Obama's agenda 100% of the time is not something to be proud of. I wonder why she hasn't invited the President to come up there and give him a big hug. It worked so well for Crist in Florida, didn't it?
If I were her opponent, I would advertise 24/7 about this and for the video of Obama saying the race is about his policies. Hagen is a true believer and NC should send her packing.
Mary Landrieu doesn't even own a home in Louisiana. She lists her parents house as her residence. On the other hand, she does own a $2.5 million mansion in DC. I suppose she can be a lobbyist in DC after she gets beat.
It sure wasn't used to create jobs. Even Obama had to admit that.
Just look at this greasy, leather face and see if it is trustworthy. She may have gotten some Botox treatments as well from Nancy's doctor. I am afraid that time has not treated her very well and being a lying Democrat does not help.
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The Petro-States in Shambles Despite Obama

MIke274 Wrote: Oct 21, 2014 11:00 AM
How many billions has Obama wasted by giving loans to green energy who promptly go belly up? He would rather try to produce energy using switch grass, algae, cow dung, wind and solar than increase oil and gas production. The US has more proven reserves than the entire Middle East and we could be energy self sufficient if the will were there to do it.
Looks a lot like Obama shaking his finger every time he speaks. The best one I have seen was when Slick Willy was shaking the finger while denying having sex with the intern, Ms Lewinsky. That was a classic. About 5 Pinnochios for all liberal politicians who do this.
The founding fathers would all be rolling in their graves to see what this country has become. What they were afraid of was "big uncontrollable government" and that is what it has become with entitlements for the lazy, no incentives to get educated and to work for a living. We have the worst of all possible worlds and Progressives are working 24/7 to make it worse.
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