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Poo on Google.
This is where a peaceful protest is warranted. This is such an asinine law it defies description. What in the world is the matter with idiots such as this? They are far beyond the idiot stage. My goodness gracious. Alabama you must oust these people(?) forthwith. Since when is anyone inferior to the Caucasian race as a whole, as opposed to individuals?
And what did you purchase with yours, a computer?
Your moniker is quite apt for you in todays society. You are indeed 'common'. Pathetically so.
You wish. The Tea Party is growing by leaps and bounds. More and more people are becoming disgusted by the machinations of the current WH occupant and his legion of followers.
If that is true, why are you and those of like mind, so afraid of the Tea Party?
I believe all guns are semi-automatic, with the exception of bolt action rifles. What do we have to do, turn in all guns to satisfy the Liberals?
What do you consider as "manufactured outrage" Lois? Facts mean nothing to you?
It appears to me that the Demoncraps allowed al-queda to rebuild in Iraq and are in charge in A-stan. Please correct me if I am in error.
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