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David Duke looks less racist than Obama, Holder, or the Justice Brothers (Jesse and Al)
Obama, the sequel - AKA Despicable Me 2
I bet thy don't walk out on Palin's speeches, even now - who, exactly lacks charisma??
Shorter: A) The Dems are panic-stricken at an actual intelligent and hard-working woman. B) Charlie the RINO says "Vote Marilnda - she's everything I should have been!"
Let us never forget - Obama IS a watermelon - Green on the outside, Red on the inside, or at least his policies are!
Dhimmis!! Never bow to racists or Muslims!
And we shouldn't hear the second side, either. CEO/Deputy Vaughn should have finished him off as justifiable homicide in defense of self/staff - in other words, as was his right and duty.
Education laws are local. The Federal department of Education doesn't contribute that much to schools, and if local school boards woke up and did serious budget planning, they could ditch all the Federal mandates and do without the Federal money - and be better off!!
Then it's time to ditch the RINO wing. RINOs can't win the White House, so we should just stop funding them. No donations to the RNC and other central party organs until they stop interfering in primaries, and until they DO fully support the grassroots' choice for nominee. For example, in NH, the party assumes that failed MA senator, Scott Brown will be the nominee against a very effective Democrat, Jeanne Shaheen (I didn't say 'good', I said 'effective'). He is guaranteed to lose because: a) He trails badly in the polls in a 1:1 matchup b) Conservative simply won't vote for him - if the choice is Democrat or Democrat-lite, the answer is no vote for either. We MUST take over the party from the grassroots up, or we will lose the country, and it is a nasty struggle - we've had two acrimonious party chair fights in NH in just two cycles. It's ugly everywhere, but if you don't promote conservative candidates, you're handing the country to the looters (party establishments)
Tourists are not entitled to free public education in America, neither are these gate-crashers
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