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Lots of people OUGHT to be carrying legally around DC, if Heller meant anything. Dozens of rounds of ammunition is hardly am armory full. Hunting rifle + ammunition + knife = casual hunter Virginia and Pennsylvania both permit hunting and have large numbers of hunters. None of these hunters hunt people, much less the president. Here we have another instance of bureaucracy gone mad - the man, no doubt, legally owns everything he had, and it was locked out of sight in his trunk. Where he comes from, parking in Des Moines with the rifle in the trunk wouldn't get a second thought, or a second glance from the police.
CAIR, maybe - ISIS? With luck he'd get on their wrong side and........ chop, chop!
Exactly - if CAIR cared about America and Americans, they would loudly denounce terror by any muslims anywhere - don't hold your breath!
Exactly - I often ask whether all the useful idiots think they will become apparatchiks when the revolution comes - obviously that's not possible. Likewise, when the left are useful idiots for Islam, do they really think their licentious lifestyle will be celebrated when the caliphate comes to town? Thinking people vote conservative, and support Judaism and Christianity, even if they don't all practice regularly.
"We oppose terrorism wherever it occurs", BUT, CAIR discourages American muslims from working with Federal Law Enforcement to root out homegrown terrorists. Talking out of both sides of their mouths - It's called Taqqiya
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Why Mark Begich is Refusing to Concede

Mike25 Wrote: Nov 09, 2014 1:04 PM
Once a toad, always a toad - Toad of Minnesota Hall Slimed his way in the first time, and somehow he clung on the second time. Obviously Begich wants to be a toad.
Yes, indeed - bad candidate vetting - something the GOP was guilty of in NH. So anxious to get their hand-picked, moderate, golden boys into office, that they forgot to check the closets for skeletons
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In New Hampshire, Romney to the Rescue?

Mike25 Wrote: Nov 04, 2014 8:47 AM
I think Romney, like Palin, has discovered he can make a huge difference, and have much more fun, but endorsing and assisting candidates, than by being in the Democrat crosshairs himself. Also, freed from the post-nomination GOP consultant class that wrecked both his and McCain's bids for the presidency, he's speaking his mind, and doing so effectively. I see two possibilities for Romney: Stay on the outside and have fun Get in the 2016 race and ditch the party consultants As for Brown - he's got just as steep hill to climb amongst the GOP base as he does amongst independents - still might make it though.
David Duke looks less racist than Obama, Holder, or the Justice Brothers (Jesse and Al)
Obama, the sequel - AKA Despicable Me 2
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