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This is what a real man does. I hope he's got his succession lined up, though - risky business.
If their arms were just jammed into barrels, then yank em out and arrest the protesters. If their arms are set into the cement, SAW THEM OFF and wish them luck getting an ambulance in time. If that's my route, I'm going full tilt slalom - aiming for the bodies, not the barrels. This is not a crosswalk on a sidestreet. They have NO right of way, and are explicitly forbidden from access. Their lives are to be endangered before mine. -Callous.
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Pope Francis, the Climate and Leftism

Mike25 Wrote: Jan 07, 2015 7:02 AM
Hmmmm, in conjunction with Obama, Prince of Darkness! End Times indeed! (For the British readers, Lord Lucas is not actually the prince of darkness, nor is he responsible for your warm beer!)
Before automated, plate reading, average speed cameras terrorised the British public, there were the Range Rovers. Remarkable machines, fitted with floodlights and communication antennas on a hydraulic mast which rose from the center of the vehicle while attending an accident scene. Equipped with a vast array of safety equipment, but that wasn't the best. These vehicles were the perfect deterrent to bad behavior in traffic - large, white, and with a foot high orange reflective strip along the sides, these would be parked on special observation ramps a few feet above the highway. You could see them for two miles on a clear day, and a speeding ticket from one of those was "failure to obseve a police vehicle". In the early 80s, I was traveling on the M11, neck and neck with another company-provided car, at a bit over 100MPH. The highway was almost empty, the weather was perfect, there was no danger, and you could see the Range Rover clearly as we topped a ridge. I saw the cop, the other driver did not - now safely at 70MPH in the slow lane, I had a ringside seat as the other car braked too late, the Range Rover began to roll, and my erstwhile travelling companion was guaranteed toast. I slowed a little more as the cop joined the highway - after you, officer.....
Yeah - invalid poll - it was taken before CRomnibus. There is NO reason to prefer Republicans except that they aren't actually card-carrying Marxists.
Since the field is always crowded for the NH Presidential primary, we call 30% "A Plurality".
I disagree. I fought against the Establishment anointing of Romney, and personally backed Herman Cain as a man with the courage to stand on principle. However, the more I learned about Romney the man, both in business and personal life, the more I liked. His early campaigning was innovative and effective, too. His problem was listening to the usual suspects - the GOP consulting class - who dumbed down his attacks after his victorious first debate. Now, we see Romney out on the campaign trail, helping other candidates, and smiting the Obama Administration like he was the God of the old testament. Unafraid to speak his mind, Romney is winning friends around the country. The $64Bn question is - can he ignore the consultants and run it HIS way - otherwise, he will lose as badly as last time, and probably to Elizabeth Warrren, not Hillary
Lots of people OUGHT to be carrying legally around DC, if Heller meant anything. Dozens of rounds of ammunition is hardly am armory full. Hunting rifle + ammunition + knife = casual hunter Virginia and Pennsylvania both permit hunting and have large numbers of hunters. None of these hunters hunt people, much less the president. Here we have another instance of bureaucracy gone mad - the man, no doubt, legally owns everything he had, and it was locked out of sight in his trunk. Where he comes from, parking in Des Moines with the rifle in the trunk wouldn't get a second thought, or a second glance from the police.
CAIR, maybe - ISIS? With luck he'd get on their wrong side and........ chop, chop!
Exactly - if CAIR cared about America and Americans, they would loudly denounce terror by any muslims anywhere - don't hold your breath!
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