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The Risks of Retreat

Mike2446 Wrote: Mar 18, 2013 9:24 PM
and look who we have as prezzy, sec of state and defense sec.... the three statist progressive stooges.. or manny moe and jacka--> Lord deliver our country and the world...

WASHINGTON -- Declining national influence is a choice, and America seems to be making it.

What foreign policy practitioners politely call the "churn" of events is beginning to look more like chaos. Egypt teeters between the establishment of a democracy and the restoration of the caliphate. Syria melts away as an organized state and perhaps as a geographic fact. Iran is on the verge of building the Shiite bomb and igniting a sectarian nuclear arms race (and you thought a purely ideological nuclear arms race was scary). North Korea continues its bold experiment in proliferation and abnormal psychology.


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