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Senate Votes To Approve Keystone Pipeline

Mike2446 Wrote: Mar 24, 2013 4:13 PM
This approve is so much BS!!!! purely political showmanship to the rubes back home. It is non-binging which means it is NOT legislation that will become law. It's like saying we think ice cream is an ok treat for kids. Stop the politics and do your sworn duty... if you can't resign!!! (this was geared to reid, feinstein, boxer, shumer and durbin) if they had any cajones they would produce the bill, pass it and override the emperor's veto
What was missed in last night's "Vote-A-Rama" is that the U.S. Senate approved the Keystone Pipeline, with 17 Democrats joining Republicans in passing the measure, 62-37.

The Keystone amendment is non-binding, as the Obama Administration has the final say over its approval, but last night's vote was a strong sign that the Keystone Pipeline enjoys broad bipartisan support on Capitol Hill and that the Obama Administration's opposition might be wearing thin.

The Washington Post points out that the Democrats who joined Republicans are all electorally vulnerable:

The 17 Democrats who voted yes included every single possibly...