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Dinosaurs Caused Global Warming Too You Know

Mike2446 Wrote: May 07, 2012 3:26 PM
Suicide by farting... oh come on? tough I have a couple of relatives that would be able to take down the progressive Congress with their posterior explosions. Boy are these morons really reaching.... pathetic to say the least. And they are being paid by someone, that is the most ridiculous point of all. Of course it is probably our tax dollars at work.

Global warming believers are officially grasping at straws. They've headed back to the age of the dinosaur and think the gigantic creatures may have committed suicide by warming up the atmosphere.

Dinosaurs may be partly to blame for a change in climate because they created so much flatulence, according to leading scientists.

Professor Graeme Ruxton of St Andrews University, Scotland, said the giant animals spent 150 years emitting the potent global warming gas, methane. Large plant-eating sauropods would have been the main culprits because of the huge amounts of greenery they consumed.

The team calculated...

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