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This isn't liberalism, it is communism, socialism, and all other of that sort of people control cr@@. Liberals stopped being liberals when Johnson became president. Before that many of the liberals since Wilson were closet progressives (i.e. communists)
must be nice to live is an alternate universe, they all must taking the same s@@t the prezzy and his administration are.
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Nanny State Targets Grocery Stores

Mike2446 Wrote: Jul 18, 2014 4:05 PM
Government need to stay out of our lives!!! and Michelle (food Nazi) needs to take her marxist way along with her husband back to Chicago or some inhabited island.
and of course she's from California... politician moron capitol of the country
Contraception is a preventative health care service? I thought healthcare was for illnesses and diseases. I guess Dems and progressives think being pregnant is a disease that needs to be treated? Contraception is for the prevention of a pregnancy, which is a woman's choice. If that is what she chooses it is up to her to pay for it. For Dems progressives and feminists it appears a fetus is a disease to be irradiated. So much for tolerance and compassion. More like cold-blooded leeches..
good ole joe needs to retire to the ash heel of progressive idiot politicians with Reid Pelosi, Shumer, Durbin, S. Jackson, Rangel and all the other betrayers of this country and their oaths that in office at this time. Don't forget Holder, head of the EPA, FCC, DOE(ed) and DOE(Engergy).
Another progressive/communist who wants to see this country turned into a tyrannical state..
The Mayor od NYC is avowed socialist and progressive.. anything he supports is anti-American,
Rolling Stone needs to stick to its original purpose,,, news of the music industry..
Does anyone believe what comes out of this administration anymore? Marxist propaganda!!!
Why do so many in Congress think that they need to be passing all kinds of laws. We already have WAY too many as it is, no one knows what they all are. Why doesn't someone run on the ideas of going through and realing and eliminating all of the unnecessary and outdated laws and regulations? I would vote for that..
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