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and he is not in Gitmo because..... oh yes our prezzy is a progressive slime ball and pro-islam
OH SHUT UP!!! Pelosi
Seems the progressive education system is doing its job.. if people don't have a the historical knowledge of this country's government and how it was formed and why, then they cannot have the right perspective when asked these questions. Definitely disheartening and very dangerous..
and what do you do with a rabid bear on the loose......... anyone anyone
Guess they have to do something to replenish the population that is leaving because of the progressive regime... just like CA... wall them both off and throw the illegals and progressives in there and let them all fight it out...
Not just that he is not a Republican, if BHO was white he would NEVER have been elected, and if so he would have been impeached within a year or two....
Bounty yes, taxpayer money NO!... send in a FBI SWAT and technology team to tear the IRS apart looking of them.... and put everyone involved in custody until they turn up. i am sure there is a legal precedent somewhere in the THOUSANDS or pages of ludicrous laws that will justify it.
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Obama Is Not Finished

Mike2446 Wrote: Jun 27, 2014 12:54 AM
Whatever you do, people, please don't get complacent. Not a chance, like you and many others, we saw through this empty suit long before the election. It is more and more apparent that he is indeed the empty suit and manchurian candidate being run by his marxist/islamist handlers. Jarrett is his keeper to make sure he stays on script and keeps him in a narcissistic bubble. Michelle is also there to keep him in line.
unfortunately he is still out there trying to take away our 2nd amendment rights.. a problem of being a billionaire with no time and a major progressive/marxist ideology
seems, slowly but surely reality is starting to flow into the courts.. hopefully from pressure of the People who are fed up with big brother government and their communist agendas
how criminal proceedings also, add reid to the list... he is obstructing the Senate by not allowing bills to come before the body...
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