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Obama: Muslim Hero

Mike2446 Wrote: Jul 14, 2014 12:11 AM
While i cannot say whether he is a Christian or not, that is up to God; the Bible states, that by their fruits you will know them.. I am not seeing fruits as the Bible knows them.
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Does Obama Believe in Terrorism?

Mike2446 Wrote: Jul 13, 2014 11:35 PM
Yes, he believes in terrorism, but not as far as protecting this country.. he believes in it in order to destroy this country.... raised muslim and a marxist, educated as a marxist, has enabled the muslim brotherhood and had them in DHS.. what part of treason don't people understand
Of course they don't care...unless it furthers their own political aspirations or agenda, in which case they will embrace it until it is no longer useful. These people are a disgrace and need to be exported dot the marxist countries that are more in tune to their lying and treacherous ways.
All public unions need to be abolished, there are enough labor laws on the books to protect employees... unions outlived their usefulness years ago, now they are just a bunch of thugs in it to suck the life out of the treasury and company resources...
They were let to die to cover up the gun-running to Syria, why do you think those that were brought out have been kept quiet.... this is pure political crud by the master puppet of the progressive (i.e. marxists) who are pulling his strings.
What a crock of dung... standard protocol, a message would have been sent out immediately to Ft Meade. within the first five minutes with basic detail, others would follow constantly to update, all necessary personnel would have been placed on immediate alert, all other operations would have been suspended. This is all CYA BS. Libya was a hotspot, unless the military has been infiltrated by wusses or progressives, there would always be a standby team awaiting any emergency any where in the world within appropriate response time of minutes if not a a couple of hours. These military people were either not in the loop or are saving their own ar@#s
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Obama: It's Lonely Doing All The Work

Mike2446 Wrote: Jul 11, 2014 10:41 PM
What an a$$ with multiple exclamation points... SSDD, same stuff, different day.. you would after five and half years hearing the same old lines people would just not show up...
It is way pas time for something to be done. This is a minor step in right direction but art least it's a step. Most politicians are afraid of their own shadows when it comes to things that may jeopardize their re-election. Which proves that they are not there for the people who elected them, but for their own power/money goals. Hence letting obummer ruin the country in order to avoid the racism tag. Hey politicians, BHO is NOT BLACK, he is 1/2 white, and probably 1/4 Arabic and 1/4 African, that is if his father was really Obama Sr. So get over the racism bunk and use this fact.... BHO is a raised and committed marxist, he is not American in the true sense regardless of where he was born. His goal and that of his handlers is the destruction of America as the beacon to the world.
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