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Figures it would either be CA, NY or Ill..I can only hope that this is being contested. Again the communist progressive mentality of the morons in CA gov gives a lead for the further need of a major revolution in this country.
300 airstrikes? is that all in what duration of time, there should be at least this many on a daily basis.. this whole campaign is a joke
The man lives in a bubble of marxist ideology surrounded by yes men. He has been sheltered by his marxist handlers in order to believe the BS he is trying to sell.
"Every religion has people who do repellent things in the name of God," This is a monomer.. Islam does not worship the God of the Bible no matter what the pressor their adherents do. Judiasm and Christianity worship and follow the God of the Bible, creator of all things.
And ad that will drive progressives and liberals to further insanity is fine with me.. as long as they do something to end their misery and with it also ours.
Gifford, I didn't know her stance before the shooting, but it may be obvious that she has not fully recovered her mental faculties. But then again being a democrat, who knows maybe she didn't have any in the first place. I am sorry she got injured but her crusade is just more progressive idiocy.
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Obama: "Eric Has Done a Superb Job"

Mike2446 Wrote: Sep 25, 2014 6:53 PM
Honor? to his racist radical ideology. To the DOJ? he has been the biggest disgraces and defiler of the law in this nation's history. Of course the prezzy will nominate another political hack and marxist. When a REAL American is placed in the position, it is going to take a lot of effort to regain the people's trust and its reputation.
Really? This he/she/it should be executed for its traitorous actions. Convicted, in prison equals no rights at all....
Oh Boy, the morons at the UN (including our chief moron) are going to make a proclamation limiting the amount the earth can warm. Yea right, and they are going to try to in slave all of us to do it. Not on my watch..
Wow!, the whose in chief speaks... and just who are the arabs partner? and how many of them fund and promote terrorist organizations? More and more this prezzy seems to be one of them..
I am amazed that there hasn't been any major attacks on this country.. we have a marxist and islamic sympathizer in the WH, a major rufus and traitor as Sec of State, another rufus as Sec of Def and a political bundler head of the DHS and porous border that you can march a battalion through. The whole world is wondering what the h--- our people are thinking with these stooges in office and can't trust anything they say. Our enemies both communist and islamic are laughing without a hunt of fear while they plat against us. Knowing that the cowards and marxists don't have the cajones to do anything but talk.
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