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Obama Talks About "Immigration Rights"

Mike2446 Wrote: 3 hours ago (11:32 AM)
Are there any patriots left in the Congress that can remove this marxist from office? sounds like the communist agitators from the 30's. Oh, that's right he is a communist agitator stuck in the 30's.
What I am sick and tired of hear is 'the nation's first black president'. He is bi-racial and only partially black, the rest is white and middle eastern. It is amazing how more racists blacks are versus whites and others, that they place race over reality.
This is the most racist administration in history... holder is a more dangerous race baiter than Sharpton or Jackson because he uses his position to further his racist agenda.
and geraldo is a progressive moron looking at expanding his own press and self of self importance..
I hope this is challenged, because it is an obvious violation of the First Amendment.
New York, California, Illinois, Mass(tax)achuttes, the most communistic states in the Replulic. I don't include DC because it is not a state...It is high time for the people to start rising up and removing/changing their states or they will be the first to go into servitude/slavery. The time for push back to reclaim our country is well past.
there is really no comment I can make except really?
Duh, delay until after the election, that is this slime balls mantra and SOP since he was elected.....
this prezzy and administration of course has no plans, no strategy except obummers strategy on the WH football pool or how he is going to cheat at golf. There is a strategy that has been applied by marxists and deposits for years, let the kettle boil to the point where nothing that is done is sufficient, then blame the opposition and use the chaos for further degradations of freedoms.
In CA, no diagram would surface because they change the meaning whenever the wind changes.
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