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As Fiscal Cliff Looms, Obama Orders Pay Raise for Some Federal Employees

Mike2446 Wrote: Dec 28, 2012 8:10 PM
again the emperor or Der Fuhrer is trampling on the Constitution and the Congress isn't doing squat about it.... Congressional pay is the responsibility of Congress not the executive branch.. when are those patriotic legislatures going to do what's best for the country and get rid of this tyrant and his henchmen!!!!!!

As the country is on the verge of going over the “fiscal cliff,” President Obama signed an executive order to end the pay freeze on federal employees. Translation: some federal workers—ranging from the vice president to the Supreme Court and members of Congress—will be getting a raise. Via The Weekly Standard:

According to disclosure forms, Biden made a cool $225,521 last year. After the pay increase, he'll now make $231,900 per year.

Members of Congress, from the House and Senate, also will receive a little bump, as their annual salary will go from $174,000 to 174,900....