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Conflicting Shades of Brown - Minority Clash

Mike2348 Wrote: Mar 18, 2013 2:28 PM
Hey web_master, did you read the article? Bishop Jackson mentioned Zimmerman and Martin, and how the press spun the story. White-Hispanic?!? I've never heard the press refer to our President as White-Black! What gives?!?!

I love taking my wife to dinners, parties, anniversaries, and formal outings of all kinds. I have found that a monochromic look - all gray, all blue or all brown can be stunning. High contrast color combinations work best: for example, a medium brown pair of trousers and a chocolate jacket teamed with a cream colored shirt. The monochromic look has just one problem: if you wear items that are very close in shade but not quite the same, you look mismatched or somehow poorly dressed.

In some parts of the nation, the media is trying to paint minority problems as...