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An Open Letter To General Powell

Mike2348 Wrote: Jan 15, 2013 8:34 AM
Along with all of those bad examples of 'christians' out there, there are also many examples of people who are trying to live their lives looking to Christ as their inspiration. If you're going to judge the Church, do so by looking at those who live according to Church teaching, not those who call themselves 'Christian' but then don't actually follow Christ's example. Jesus said "People will know you are my followers by how you love one another". Look to them and judge accordingly. May I suggest you start with a book on the lives of the saints, they're definately good examples. God bless you.

I was disappointed with the clear implication in your Meet The Press interview that those of us, in the GOP who defend life, protect traditional marriage and advance religious liberty are intolerant.

It was obvious to anyone who watched the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, that NO! had it. There was no way the convention chairman could have heard a two-thirds vote for the YES! position. Three times the chairman asked them to vote. Three times they denied God. Denied Him Thrice!

What has happened to the Democratic Party that,in the 1960's, provided such leadership for the cause...