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Psst it's summer in Australia! GET OVER IT!
The problem there is that hurricanes of the nature of Sandy are relatively rare in the Northern States.
Those levees are a joke! They sink 4 feet every year. One of the things Bush was viciously slandered and libeled over was the alleged fact that he cut the funding! What rarely got reported was that: 1. The chief of the local COE Office said that the additional funding wouldn't have made a diference since the levess wouldn't have been finished either way! 2. The Feds have been trying to reinforce those levees since the 1960s and haven't finished yet! 3. The levee project will never be finished because the soft ground makes the levees sink 4 feet every year and therefore the levees are constantly being weakened.
Unless you are unemployed thanks to Obama and couldn't afford to stock up like that!
It is very relevent that a member of the RACIST Black Power Movement created it and that it is a MOSLEM thing! It is not idiotic to point it out!
If you look at the history this so called "Holliday" you'll find that it's a black power thing and Moslem inspired.
Fact: There are no provisions in the Constituion that grant the Feds the right to seize guns! According to the 10th Amendment the Feds have no rights not specifically given to the Federal Government! Therefore the Feds have no right to seize firearms from law abiding citizens!
Fact for gun control freaks! Especially the ones calling gun supporters Nazis! The Nazis and Commies loved gun control!
Gun control didn't prevent 911 or the Oklahoma City Bombings! It hasn't prevented LA, Chicago and New York which have strict gun laws from having some of the highest crime rates in the Country! On the other hand Montana, North and South Dakota, Maine and New Hampshire where virtually everyone owns two or more guns are on the list of states with the lowest crime rates per capita according to the FBI!
Wrong the biggest have been the ones done by Obama!
Replying to your own posts OOD1
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