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You mean malicious persecution! that's the better term.
Ray Nagin? Hmm I wonder if his corruption had anything to do with the collapse of the levees?
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Obama Health Lie Freaks Dems

Mike2065 Wrote: Nov 07, 2013 12:55 PM
This whole thing reminds me of George Orwell's "Animal Farm" The Animals have put their 7 commandments of Animalism on the Barn door and the pigs tell the other what it says. Slogans like, "No animal shall sleep in a bed" and "All animals are equal!" Eventually as the pigs gain more and more power over the farm the Commandments change such as, "No Animal shall sleep in a bed WITH SHEETS and "All animals are equal BUT SOME ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS!" With each change one pig named, "Squealer" explains it all away and the other animals such as SHEEP go along with it! Squealer by the way is the one that repainted the 7 Commandments" each time!
Don't forget Michael Moore Fakeumentaries and Commie pigs roaming the streets chanting their hate for the Republican Prez and America!
And who told those kids who got them in trouble?
I want to know how those gang bangers found out who told the school authorities that they were dealing drugs?
Martin committed felony assault against Zimmerman but all you can do is bellyache because the jury saw it as self defense! Martin was a thief, drug user and tagger!
The evidence says Martin was the aggressor! By the way we now know that Martin was involved in criminal activities ranging from tagging his school to JEWEL THEFT! And remember the Skittles and punch Martin had in his posession? Those are two of the three ingreedients for a designer street drug and Martin was a known drug user! One other thing there'd been a series of breakins in the neighborhood and Martin makes for a good suspect!
Wrong! We have the evidence of the injuries to Zimmerman and with the exception of the gunshot wound TOTAL LACK of evidence of other injuries to Martin! And the only relevent fact is that Martin tried to SERIOUSLY INJURE OR KILL ZIMMERMAN! Psst Aggevated assault is FELONY and so is MURDER!
Skittles and the fruit punch he had in his posession when combined wit Robitussin maks for Lean a designer street drug! Martin was a known tagger, drug user and JEWEL THIEF that had been suspended from school for TAGGING and drug posession! He ambushed Zimmerman and tried to beat him to a pulp! Get a lifee!
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