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Some Thoughts on “Lone Survivor”

Mike2048 Wrote: Jan 13, 2014 12:23 PM
You can absolutely differentiate respect for these 4 SEALS and a lack of respect for their COMMANDERS who evaluated the intel and operational risks. That falls on Special Operations Command, who could have been a non-SEAL, an analyst, and a few others that missed important details. Ultimately these guys did what they were born to do, just with bad circumstances. Is it me or have we [operation commanders] not seemed to learn to ask the question: "What if our satellites did not pick up all the potential combatants in an area, and there are 2-3 times more enemies than we suspect?" We tell people in a minor car accident to go get checked out "just in case" they might have unknowingly hurt their neck, but we routinely assume that our satellites and intelligence assessment are flawless?
It is time for the American people to LEGALLY fight back. Do you know any NSA employees? Publish their photos, names, addresses, and the names of their families. They like Big Data? Then subject them and their family to Big Data for the American People. Freedom of Speech can allow us to speak the names and personal information of these evil people, and the Constitution provides us the tools to fight back against our own Government.
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Contraception Exceptions

Mike2048 Wrote: Dec 04, 2013 11:01 AM
The FDA strongly disagrees with you, and in fact, recognizes prevention of pregnancy as a 100% ACCEPTABLE label indication!!! So, you are one person, and the FDA is hundreds of experts, clinicians, and extremely intelligent people. Therefore, it is perfectly acceptable to create, market, and sell contraception. You may disagree with that view, however, you are POWERLESS to stop it. How does it feel to know that you tax dollars are going to fund the FDA, and they are reviewing and *approving* all those "abortofacient" contraceptives? Your tax dollars have helped EllaOne, PlanB, Yaz, and a host of other come to Market! THANK YOU!!!
Who cares? It is not in the US Constitution to defend Christians in another Country. The US should stay out of it. Egyptian and Syrian Christians should do what the US did in 1776, and fight a revolution, and then ratify a Constitution.
I HIGHLY doubt it. ADVERTISING abortions even if illegal is 100% protected by the Constitution. I could come to Dallas and buy hundreds of billboards and advertise I can sit in the middle of Dallas streets and facilitate Dallas women leaving the State to have an abortion illegal in Texas. THAT is exactly what Federalism is about!!! Any attempt by law enforcement to stop me would be met with SEVERE financial consequences for them in a Court of Law. Your precious Citizens United is based on Bigelow vs Virginia.
Call ANY Texas law enforcement then. CALL THEM YOU COWARD. I have helped THREE WOMEN get outside of Texas jurisdiction to have an abortion that would have been ILLEGAL in Texas. What now? CALL TEXAS POLICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY CANT DO ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM OUTSIDE THEIR STATE Look up Bigelow vs Virginia, and you will see i am 1000% protected because I am OUTSIDE Texas.
Wrong, as I am right now, helping FACILITATE women in Texas to travel out of State to have abortions that otherwise would be illegal in that State. I am ACTIVELY advertising and EVADING texas State law under Bigelow vs Virginia, and smacking the Texas Legislature in the face by helping women get abortions OUTSIDE the Texas. And I am warning Texas Law Enforcement to remain WITHIN Texas. Enforcement of Texas law MUST stay within the borders of Texas, and not beyond. SEVERE financial consequences are allowed remedies for Law Enforcement that attempt to enforce their own laws out of their own State.
Exactly, and Under the Sovereign rules of my State, I can facilitate, entice, and help women travel outside their own states to have an abortion. Even if the abortion is illegal in another State, I can advertise, facilitate, and do commerce in order to SPECIFICALLY evade those State laws, and help them women also evade State laws. And I can directly engage out of State Law Enforcement who attempt to stop me. That is exactly what the Founders intended when they created this beautiful country. Imagine, a thousand billboards and commercials in Texas advertising exactly where to get abortions after 20 weeks outside that State!!!!! THAT is Federalism at its finest!!!
Do you need an abortion after 20 week in Texas, or an other anortion ILLEGAL in the State of Texas? Call the National Abortion Federation Hotline. They can help refer you OUT OF STATE. If you need to drive 5-6 hours to an abortion provider far away from you in Texas, you can simply fly to California. Call the National Abortion Federation Hotline and they can help set up flights. Note to Texas Law Enforcement: I AM ACTIVELY ADVERTISING ABORTIONS ILLEGAL IN YOUR STATE from outside the State. TRY AND STOP ME. YOU PATHETIC FOOLS CANNOT!!!! I am protected by Bigelow vs Virginia, so I can therefore advertise, entice, facilitate, and help women to have abortions illegal in your State. I can do ANYTHING I want from outside your State, and you have to sit and watch. Townhall readers, I encourage you to contact Texas Law Enforcement and let them know, as I could use the money from a hefty lawsuit against them for attempting to prosecute me.
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Papal Neutrality in the Culture War?

Mike2048 Wrote: Nov 15, 2013 12:30 AM
TRUE Conservatives should EASILY be able to rebut this nonsense: Our civilization is being de-Christianized: First Amendment - we can do whatever the Hell we want when it comes to religion Popular culture is a running sewer: Free Market - we need to let the Market take care of itself. If there weren't a Market for it, it wouldn't exist Promiscuity and pornography are pandemic: Free Market - it is Unconstitutional to so intrusively regulate personal behavior. If there weren't a Market for it, it wouldn't exist. See, Freedom of Religion and the Free Market, which are the ULTIMATE Conservative values easily and completely explain this. Therefore. Conservatives should rejoice that the First Amendment and the Free Market are operating PERFECTLY just as they should!!!
The Pill is one of the GREATEST medical successes in the 20th century. Only theocratic fascists who NEED to control women think it is a bad thing. "Abortofacient"? Have you read the last 10 years of medical journals? Most EVERY peer-reviewed article on the subject has 200% contradicted the FDA labeling for abortofacient effects of hormonal contraception. The FDA is jut too antiquated and stubborn to require a label update, because that would also require changing the efficacy rates of hormonal contraception for open, label, long term post marketing data. The FDA absolutely HATES open label data, and therefore buries its head in the sand.
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