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Democrats' Ideal Voter: Illegal Alien, Single Mother, Convicted Felon

Mike191 Wrote: Jul 21, 2012 9:21 AM
Ann, I think if your argument is carried forward logically, then one day some of these people will rise up, find a way to better themselves, and hopefully vote Republican when they realize what is really going on. That day likely won't come soon; but part of the problem too is that our leaders do not court these voters at all. They see and hear only people like Obama. We need a leader who looks like them and talks like them to go into their communities and ORGANIZE them as Republicans. A tough job to be sure; but why aren't we doing it now?? The GOP as a part needs to wake up, smell the coffee and roll up their sleeves. We have done a terrible job of this for my entire lifetime, and I have lamented it for years.
Claudia94 Wrote: Jul 22, 2012 8:18 AM
Mike, I'm sorry but that won't work. Children born into laziness and that is all they see and know from birth, they do not want nor will they work. Eventually the system will collapse; and when they don't get what they are "entitled" to, they will riot, burn, loot and destroy this once great nation. I wish I had hope and believed we had a chance to organize, recruit and ultimately change the mind-set of these people; but it's impossible when you have slave masters like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and others who are being paid to keep them on the plantation. I'm not a racist. I'm a business owner and have tried for 40 years to instill a work ethic in so many and have reached out and tried to give many a hand up instead of a hand out.
Claudia94 Wrote: Jul 22, 2012 8:23 AM
After 40 years, I'm tired and broke. I have very little left to even sustain myself. I don't feel I've changed the mind-set of anyone. All I've been is an extension of the government. Instead of giving it to the government and have it doled out to the people, I gave it directly to the people. What you are suggesting sounds wonderful. It just won't work.
Claudia94 Wrote: Jul 22, 2012 4:13 PM
However, Glenn Beck believes its possible. He's calling upon people from all walks of life to attend the Restoring Love Conference in Dallas next week. It won't be covered by the MSM, but he's asking people to take personal responsibility for themselves and reach out and love others. I wish I could have attended, but I will be watching it on

Before taking the oath of office, Barack Obama vowed to fundamentally transform the United States. He has certainly done so. For example, Obama has:

-- destroyed the job market;

-- sent billions of taxpayer dollars to Wall Street, companies overseas, his campaign contributors and public sector unions;

-- forced the passage of a wildly unpopular national health care law on a purely partisan vote;

-- come out for gay marriage;

-- refused to enforce laws on illegal immigration;

-- eliminated the work requirement for welfare.

How can a country that elected Ronald Reagan have Obama tied in the polls with Mitt...