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Her 'massa' in the White House approved that message!
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Selective Outrage when It Comes to Racism

Mike191 Wrote: May 02, 2014 2:31 PM
it's even more shameful to read your 'rant' against Linda. I guess it hurts when a former liberal left the plantation and joined the conservatives, eh BIggie?
Ho-hum, another Kool-Aid drinker bites the dust. Too bad he can't take all the aging hippies and socialists along with him on his journey.
Mother of F to them and all the other liberal, 'progressive' slime balls who crawl out of the muck on 4 paws and flippers. I hope they and all of those who support them--GLAAD and their ilk--realize that we who oppose them will only take so much and no more. We are very near that tipping point now. Thanks also to President Unite-Us for pandering and dividing this country like it hasn't been since the Vietnam War days. How dare you ILLEGALLY deny any American their Constitutional rights!!! It's long past time we turned their 'by any means necessary' tactics back upon them.
This all sounds rather revisionist and Monday morning quarterbacking from 50 years AFTER the event. I'm a conservative Republican and no admirer of Kennedy; but given the fact that most of WHAT WE KNOW NOW, JFK did NOT KNOW THEN. Too much saber rattling could have led to nuclear holocaust--and for what?? The fact that we are still here today debating all this means the end of this crisis was a victory--for humanity. Why would you believe ANYTHING that was supposedly said by a Premier of the Soviet Union written afterwards?? They were the biggest liars in history next to the Nazis, and of course now the Obama Administration. Now, if you can find evidence that somehow JFK knew all what has been implied here vis-a-vis the Soviet position; then you might have a story. I think JFK did the best he could with an incredibly dangerous and quickly escalating crisis and nobody got bombed by nukes. 'nuff said!!
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