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Notice what the sub-headline says, "What it means for this presidency" is second to "Plus what it means for your healthcare." I suspect Time is more worried about his image and presidency than our lives.
Let's face it...the only reason this Davis lady has any traction with the liberal media is because they finally have a female who does not look like a cocktail waitress on an oil rig.
Here's what I think happened...he purchased the guns and intended to keep them, but he got caught and did some huge back-peddling. He still has not said squat about his intentions for the 1911 .45 he bought. At first I felt sorry for him. I think he has always been a gun-right kind of guy, but in the wake of what happened to his wife, he was co-opted by the left and he was made to believe he didn't have a choice. If that is the case, he disappoints me in that he didn't show enough courage to stand up to the left. But then again, you know what the media would have done to him if he even suggested to hold on and wait a minute before rushing to judgement, again a coward.
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Obama's Insurance Exchange Nightmare

Mike1654 Wrote: Nov 26, 2012 9:47 PM
I just love how the lib just shouts out LIES!!! and has no response when well-informed people armed with facts respond.
First of all, we do not send children to war...Hamas does. By the time a young man in America's Army/Marine Corps sets one little toe in country, he has endured two lifetimes of hardship, stress, separation from family, and physical pain that accompanies preparation for war. He is very much a man by then.
Obama is putting America through chemotherapy. Millionaires and billionaires are the "cancerous cells" and his actions and inactions are the chemo drug destroying wealth, but like chemo, it also destroys perfectly healthy cells. That is what I thought of when Katie talked about hurting all Americans with this fiscal cliff issue.
Obama recently directed the gutting of welfare reform. No longer is it required to either be employed, or actively seeking employment. These people will no longer be counted in the U6 unemployment number released monthly. This will artificially skew the unemployment number downward, giving the impression the economy is getting better. Very shrewd...
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