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Bill O'Reilly Loses It During Gun Control Debate

Mike14760 Wrote: Jan 04, 2013 2:20 AM
You would think that Bill O'Riely being a Harvard Grad as he likes to tell us would actually resurch what he is shooting his mouth off about. Between my time as a US Marine, a Police Officer and a shooter and collector, I have forgot more than Bill and the reast of thouse loud mouth anti gun people will ever know.
dbyrne Wrote: Jan 31, 2013 6:28 PM
Ah: Thats Bills problem...too much education can be dangerous....By the way, how many respondents have ever been attacked with intent to killl..Many years ago an irate tenant attacked me with a tiron because his car had been towed off after thirty days notice... Luckily, I was painting a small dog kennel for air transport, picked it up and shoved in his face as he attacked, then ran into my apt for a gun...Lucky for the retard he did not follow...A witness two apartments away when I asked him to testify, only said: He could get ten years for that....Thanks buddy...some help were you...

Last night on the O'Reilly Factor, the debate between Bill O'Reilly and Rep. Jason Chaffetz got extremely heated after O'Reilly called for Congress to pass a law requiring the registration of all "heavy" weapons to be reported to the FBI because it "makes sense."


First off, if you want to buy a machine gun legally, you can't get one unless you get a special permit from ATF. O'Reilly grossly misstated the facts. You cannot go buy a mortar or a full automatic machine gun at any gun...