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What Now?

mike143 Wrote: Aug 31, 2012 4:04 PM
Enjoy your moment of delight! R and R is a runaway freight-train now, and NOTHING can stop them from winning in November. And, by the way..... What America is "talking about" now is how BHO is "leading from behind" again by FOLLOWING Mitt down to the storm ravaged states in the south. Mitt's presidency started TODAY!!!!
The Republican National Convention was a great success -- yes, even the "performance art" by Clint Eastwood (it must have gotten under the President's skin -- or polled well -- to elicit such a defensive response from The White House).

So what now?

Romney/Ryan Supporters:

FIRST: Before election day, go to your Facebook page and post video of whatever parts of the convention appealed to you most -- whether it was the speech by Ann Romney, or