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If they find that the shooter was carrying a 32 ounce Big Gulp, he is screwed!
You want my tax records, you release your college records! Repeat that every time they are asked for - End of story!
“While we are glad that Governor Romney recognized the power of the black electorate, he laid out an agenda that was antithetical to many of our interests,” stated NAACP President Benjamin Todd Jealous. Translation: While we are happy that Governor Romney notices how many black slaves we can drive to the polling booth, we slave masters here at the NAACP feel his agenda goes against our interest in keeping black people dependent on us, and the federal government.
I want to see Sanunu every day until election! He kills everyone who attempts to sling the BS! Luv this guy!
Lois01 is a racist! She doesn't like Issa because of the color of his skin!
The Tea party needs to rise up again and blow out EVERYONE on the wrong side of Freedom - that means EVERY Democrat and about 90% of the GOP!!!
I have never given a dime to a politician in my life (I am 45) - But Mittens is getting some of my cash very soon!!!
My car is running, and is pointed towards the polling booth!
If i had a child in the military I would send them a letter and say "come on home, son - nothing to fight for anymore"!
You think a document gives you access to healthcare? "Hi, this is Lois01, i would like to make a Doctors appointment please"? " No problem Lois01, Doctor Jones has an opening in March of 2015, would you like morning or afternoon"? "But I am very sick, I need to see him quickly"! "Oh, we'll do the morning appointment then - Bye"!
The last thing i want is for this to be found constitutional. However, if it is - the Tea Party will rise up in a way that will make 2010 look like a sunday picnic!!! Nobody wants this thing, and the way it was jammed down our throats was the reason for the 2010 a$z-whooopin! Nov of 2012 will be a clean sweep if this Turkey is upheld today.
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