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Competition For Thee, But Not for Me

Mike1351 Wrote: Apr 10, 2014 3:25 PM
The only reason there are "jobs that Americans won't do" is that the government pays them more to do NOTHING.
Probably 90% of the "legit" followers are also of the "Islamic Faith" and appreciate her "good" work in Benghazi and her failed attempt to put the Muz Bro' in charge of Egypt.
Let's see here: (1) Pass a state law on immigration that DUPLICATES federal law and Eric Holder is on you with both feet (ask Arizona) (2) Pass a state law that conflicts with or nullifies federal gun control laws (when limited to intrastate commerce) and Eric Holder is on you with both feet (ask Montana) (3) Pass a state law that conflicts and nullifies federal drug laws.. Eric Holder says "ho hum" (ask Washington and Colorado). So much for the Constitution.
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Jay Carney Leaving White House?

Mike1351 Wrote: Mar 15, 2014 10:28 PM
Most likely ABC/CBS/NBC have told him that he has now successfully "made his bones" and that he will shortly be getting a 500K plus per year job offer :-( (See George Stephanapoulos)
When Toyota builds a plug in hybrid, I'll probably buy one as a "backup car" for my V-8 Tundra. I hate waiting in long lines, and when the Obama admin manages to create a 70's style gas shortage I'll be able to still get around. I bought ALL GM from 1966 to 1996. My '96 full size pickup was a fine truck, but when it came time to replace it last year there was NO WAY I was buying Obama. I don't think GM really grasps what his association has done to them.
I am a "millenium life member" having joined as a life member in Y2K. I believe that money given to the NRA PVF or the NRA ILA makes a much bigger difference than money given to candidates or the republican partiy. Without the influence of the NRA in AR, TN, and WV we might well have had President Algore.
If she has NO accomplishments that shows she is just as accomplished as Obama was in 2008. Now Obama has only "negative" accomplishments, but the dems still think he is great! So sadly to the dem party and the majority of the electorate having no or negative accomplishments is COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT.
They could try redistributing only to occupied offices.. I'm sure that would generate another hostile reaction from the managment. The main problem with that approach is that even if they distribute between class times at 10:00 am and 2:00 pm they will likely find less than 10% of the "hardworking" Profs available.. I am a prof and am amazed at the number of my colleagues who appear to use their offices only as free "rent-a-storage-units".
Cook book medicine is just another name for the "death panel". The cook book has a bunch of ingredients that include the age and condition of the victim. Then it has a corresponding "recipe" that leads to the desired outcome.
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