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Should be " Even if the senate should override it"
They ought to build the damn thing up to 1/4 mile from the border on both sides and then let a railroad NOT owned by Warren Buffet build a 1 mile circular track to transfer the oil across the border.until Obama is gone. Even if the senate should veto it, he'll send Jeh Johnsons and Eric Holders personal armies up there to shoot anyone who tries to build the pipe across the border.
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The Return of the Firing Squad

Mike1351 Wrote: Feb 16, 2015 10:24 PM
The OKies have a good idea.. Bring back a gas chamber in which the nitrogen concentration is gradually raised from 80% (normal air content) to 100%. The criminal can breath normally ... NO gasping for breath at all.. but gradually goes to sleep due to oxygen deprivation and doesn't wake up. The effect is really subtle and even trained aircraft pilots (see Payne Stewart) can succumb to it.
In many states that allow permitted concealed carry, it is specifically NOT ALLOWED while consuming alcohol in a bar.
The fellow who killed the 3 Muslims in Chapel Hill yesterday was, like Corkins, also a "fan" of the SPLC.
"Hope" is the most useless human emotion. Even more so than regret.
Then you are wrong. There are obviously hundreds or thousands of instances in which stopees have engaged LEOs in gun fights. Please cite ONE in which a CCW holding person has done that.... I didn't think you could.
The Gubmint is also explicitly FORBIDDEN BY LAW from archiving the NICS forms that firearm purchasers must fill out at gun stores.. Anyone who thinks they do not IGNORE that law and keep all the data in a gubmint database, probably also belives "If you like your Doctor you can keep her" and "The ACA will REDUCE the average cost of insurance by $2500 per year".
Any republican who goes on a show or debate hosted by Stephi, Candy, or Chrissy is being a stupid member of the republican party.
Hey John F*ing Kerry, The US Constitution was ratified 21 Jun 1788. The storming of the Bastille happened on 14 Jul 1789. What followed was 10 years of back and forth struggle between the royalty and other factions which included periods of general anarchy and "the infamous reign of terror." Stability was finally restored when Napoleon became First Consul in 1799 which led to his consecration as Emperor in 1804. Now how much did you pay Yale to teach you that the French Revolution inspired the US Revolution and Constitution?
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