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I'd take 1,000 illegals if we could get rid of those three.
I'm a Computer Science Prof and "investing" in bitcoin is a fools errand. I had some grad students that got into "mining" (naturally using the high university's high bandwidth network and research computers). When they told me how it worked, I said WOW you can create currency while creating NOTHING of intrinsic wealth. They proudly said YES. I said then you may have a career with the Fed(eral Reserve Bank). They looked confused. All of the complaints about gubmint backed currencies are surely true. But bitcoin has these problems and then some. In particular any government or ALL governments can ban bitcoin exchanges in which bitcoins can be converted to legal tender.. Surely banning doesn't mean eliminating them because some exchanges are apparently already between bitcoins and drugs or gambling proceeds or losses.. But I would suspect a world wide ban would create a massive deflation (unless most users are already illegal enterprises). The "wow" factors associated with cryptography and mining seem to have attracted the naive. For me, the next time I have a spare $1000, I'll buy 3000 R of 5.56 mm NATO. That market is low now for the first time in several years and the product has intrinsic value come hell or high water.
Mary Landrieu may find this tip VERY useful come January.
Not fond of her Jurisprudence but I'm definitely hoping she feels very well for at least 2 more years.
Blabbermouth Schultz should be required to register that bony finger with the ATFE.
This "rule" is now and always has been simply a "request" . There is no way and thus no attempt made to verify a donor's statement regarding previous homosexual or IV drug activities.
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Repealing the First Amendment

Mike1351 Wrote: Nov 14, 2014 11:17 AM
What a hypocrite ole Red Bernie is! He had no problem at all with George Soros and Tom Steyer "buying" the elections of 2008 and 2012!!
I think you mean the NAALCP.. The NCAA has its own set of problems though.
It is worthy of note that when Tim Scott ran for his seat in the US House of Representatives, in the Republican Primary he defeated BOTH the son of former Senator Strom Thurmond and the son of former popular governor Carroll Campbell. And his district includes Fort Sumter and the land from which General Beauregard launched his attack thereupon! Despite what deranged libs like Charley Rangel say, white folks in SC are more than willing to vote for an African American such as Scott or an (Asian) Indian American like current Gov Haley IF they stand for tradition American principles.
I would bet the farm and my retirement that the important docs where committed to the "memory hole" .. Filtering them out is why it took them so long (2 weeks longer than the absolute deadline imposed by the judge) to cough up the "appropriately sanitized" version of this disgusting story.
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