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NC SEN: Tillis Faces Obstacles In New Poll

Mike1351 Wrote: 40 mins ago (11:41 AM)
Tillis was a bad choice from the get go. As Speaker of the NC House he has had to make some tough budgetary choices to prevent NC from turning into another Illinios or Cali. This has made him a lightning rod that is too easy to target with all the usual dimocrat lies about Repubs hating women, children, the poor, and schools. Meanwhile, Hangan, the dull and dimwitted back bencher who never accomplished anything (useful or controversial) sits back and lobs lightning bolts at Tillis.
"Civilized Islamic" is an oxymoron.
Air power could have a serious impact if done as in Tokyo, Berlin, and Dresden. But of course that would kill a lot of "civilians" and so Obama won't do that. Instead we will blow up a billion dollars worth of smart bombs out in the desert with little efect on the ISIS army which will be hiding behind human shields in the cities they control.
LIbertarian candidate is probably getting BIG (laundered) funding from the Dimocrats Senate campaign committee.
The language is unfortunately ambiguous. They were called "automatics" well before they were called semis. What do you think the A in 45 ACP stands for.?
Is Major Nadal Hassan in your "ones who signed up for the military" list???
I truly hope you work in the honorable profession of garbage collection or some other in which the majority of employees failed to complete high school, but I strongly suspect that is, sadly, not the case. Maybe next time you should help them get "warmed up" by asking them "When did the War of 1812 start?" or "Who is buried in Grants Tomb".
Unfortunately MOST Americans don't pay significant income tax anymore. And probably 45% pay negative or 0% income tax due to EITC. So they are entirely cool with with Obama's IRS screwing the people who do pay income taxes.
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Our New Chief Diversity Officer

Mike1351 Wrote: Aug 15, 2014 5:13 PM
Better known as "Newspeak".. it was seen as inevitable by Orwell over 50 years ago!
Probably a little bit dumber, a good bit lazier, and suffering from a HUGE deficit in parental motivation ...
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