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Mitt Romney Is Not the Answer

Mike131 Wrote: Jun 23, 2012 1:20 PM
I'm reminded of the phrase "When your a hammer everything looks like a nail." Your litany of whats wrong with America has been repeated by every generation of every country since man learned to complain. But the statement; " that many of us put far too much stress on the presidential elections and not enough stress on our personal responsibilities as citizens and leaders," was however, spot on. And that is why this election is so important. Obama is all about government solutions and Romney is all about personal responsibility, and individual achievement.

If the elections were held today, I would vote for Mitt Romney rather than sit out the elections or cast a protest vote for a third party candidate. But I would do so with extremely limited hopes, and my very act of voting in November would be a reminder to me that I cannot expect the radical changes America needs to come from the White House.

The fact is that I am a follower of Jesus more than I am a conservative (my strongly conservative moral values are the direct result of my faith), and although I have voted for the...