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Bush was correct and 0-blama now admits it!!
Obama has been a disaster when it comes to international affairs, even Democrats will admit it. They say, well he was elected to be focused at home!! Yep and the problem for these idiots is that he has failed at home as well. If the focus moves to affairs in the US then you have the failure of 0-blamacare!!
Playing the Race card but how stupid can one be?? Martinez, NOT Latino?? Desperation is the Democrat strategy. Time to get Slimy Harry gone!!
Yep they are illegal and they want more pay!!
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Arab League: We Condemn ISIS

Mike1206 Wrote: Sep 08, 2014 6:23 PM
This condemnation has about as much meaning as 0-blama say to America "if you like your doctor and/or health insurance you can keep them "period"!!
I don't know what he means!! Shrink, like conclude an acceptable number of terrorist acts will be tolerated but only so many beheadings?? He is useless as Commander and Chief!!
One man one vote. In Geraldo's case not sure about the man part!!
Sadly these fine Black People run and hide when these issues arise!!
Well said!! I'm tired of being told I owe the black man anything. The debt is paid and time to move on to real equality!!
BUT Racism does fuel the liberal wachos!!
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