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Bingo I keep thinking what would a terrorist do different. 0-blama is failing America and his PC efforts will kill us!!
Your full of krap!! Not only Republicans but Democrats as well have called for travel restrictions!! Your name calling is only a display of your ignorance but then again you voted for this loser!!
0-blama is an enemy of the state!! We CAN restrict entrance to our country from West Africa but because of a Black Man in the Whitehouse and politics we will NOT!! This administration and 0-blama are the worst in American History!!
What a liar!!
Why did it take so long for this information to come out??
Another gotcha moment for the Democrats gone south!!
The truth just comes bake to bite good old 0-blama!! 0-blama and his incompetence and blame game has reduced DC to what America has to look at!! It's past time for America to stand up and vote for a change in the climate!! 0-blama will NOT be able to hide behind Slimy Harry to NOT do anything productive after 2014 election!! Remember 2010, 2014 is a replay of the same incompetence in the Senate and historic take back of the Senate and HOPE for America!!
I wonder if Slimy Harry will make as much noise about Bloomy as he does the Koch brothers??
Here this Nurse calls the CDC and they say OK to fly with a temp?? No faith in our government starting from the top!!
Simple answer, he's BLACK "period"!!
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