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Only thing better would be if they mooned this turd!!
Time for a Blue out!!
It's called being played by our disgusting media!!
No surprise here!! That's why Democrats took it in the shorts last election!! It's called out of touch!!
Can you say frivolous??
Obolacare is the gift that keeps on giving to Republicans!! Great Christmas Present for America!! Now with the majorities solidified thanks to it, Republicans can now tear it down!! Likely the Supreme Court will beat them to it though!!
OK let's all calm down and recognize that Republicans are NOT in power at this moment!! There will be opportunities to implement change after the New Year has begun!! I refuse to jump on the hate leadership bandwagon at this time. I may join later but I am willing to recognize we are NOT in yet but we WILL be!!
This terrorist needs to assume room temperature NOW!!
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Poll: Majority Says EITs...Worked

Mike1206 Wrote: Dec 15, 2014 3:49 PM
Remember this report is by the Senate Democrats and not the Senate!! America spent $40 million for this useless turd!!
Typical Democrat wacho politics!! Trying to rewrite history to meet their warped idealistic point of view!! This time America will say no thanks!! Sadly America paid over $40 million for this fictional turd!! Shame on them but they know NO shame!!
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