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The truth is our legal process "period"!! Don't like it, change but don't riot because you didn't get what you think was correct!!
Holder is the biggest racist after 0-blama!!
Your both a jerk and an idiot!! Sense when do you tell him what shirt he can or can't wear. Sense when do you know what he did or did NOT do!! Crawl back in your hole!!
Same info Bush had!! Where is born during that??
NOT related to each other idiot!! Mass idiocy abounds with you!!
Amen another VN Navy Corpsman, 8406-6 years active!!
It would be staggering to know what the dual language issues have cost us!! The tree huggers should hate it!!
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Mend, Don’t End, the VA

Mike1206 Wrote: Aug 13, 2014 10:01 AM
Government managed care does NOT work efficiently or effectively. I have worked in Military, VA, and Private facilities during my career and there is NO comparison in quality of care or efficiency. The only care I would maintain under government management may be specific to war related disabilities such as PTSD and some prosthetics. Otherwise it needs to go. The quality of worker at the VA us substandard and unionized to the point where the primary discussions is what a person doesn't have to do and get away with it!!
You have NO point to make do you!!
Don't forget the Koch brothers!!
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