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How about a sales tax? No exemptions except inventory purchases of products or labor (employees or contractors - no difference) for resale. Products, services, etc. The check or card processors automatically add the tax to every purchase, just like with state sales taxes. But the funds go directly into the federal tax account, state tax account and merchant's account, less the processing fee. Done. No returns (except merchants making cash sales). That's it. No monkeying around with the "prebate" of the Fair Tax, or with returns like the Flat Tax. No payroll tax withholding, no payroll tax returns. Treat Social Security like an entitlement, with everyone getting the same amount when they reach retirement age or become disabled. Unemployment, same thing. Simple. Imported products are on the same tax basis as domestic products. Exports have no U.S. tax in their costs, so we're more competitive around the world. When are we going to be dragged into the 21st Century?
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Conservative Parents, Left-Wing Children

mike1193 Wrote: Nov 05, 2013 1:21 PM
Some churches are conservative, some very liberal. "Captured by right-wing idealogues"? Maybe a couple. Not mainstream churches, which have become "non-judgmental" and very PC in the past 50 years. That's trending much more liberal. Military? This Administration is purging anyone who disagrees openly with its agenda. It wouldn't allow chaplains to conduct services during the sequester. Rules of engagement, starting in Vietnam, that won't allow us to win because we don't want to offend our enemies. That's trending very liberal. Local news and sports media? Give one example. How does sensationalism, crime reporting and sports media benefit conservatism? All media caters to increasingly lurid, anti-family, pro-abortion and hedonistic themes and sensationalism, because we demand more and more of it for entertainment. To borrow from Outback advertising: No rules, just left. Talk about liberalism run amock! Bob Costas anyone? Show me one video game that promotes conservative values. Seriously? Violence is not a conservative value - quite the opposite. No conservative I know rejoices in violence or threats, etc. But conservatives recognize the truth that there is evil in the world and sometimes pacifism doesn't defeat it. Witness: The Holocaust. And it is liberals who want to control our every life decision - where to live, what car to drive, what kind of food we can eat, what our health care policies must cover and how much it must cost. Conservative views of masculinity include what I learned from my football coach: You can recognize the most masculine men, because they care for those weaker than they are. That's conservatism. Liberals promote babies without fathers, because they don't value real masculinity, leading to disastrous results. As for zero sum, economically that's what liberalism is all about. Liberals want to divide the current pie differently - by force and threat of jail if you don't pay their ridiculously high taxes. Liberals believe that somehow people can steal from those who produce goods and services, even though they choose not to produce anything. Conservatives want to create a lot more pies, so everyone can share in the increased prosperity of satisfying human needs by voluntarily producing goods and services they can trade with others who are producing also. I don't know where you learned about liberalism and conservatism, but you don't have any of it right.
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