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The PKK said that they had no casualties from the Turkish bombardment. The PKK did not mention anything about attacking a Turkish military post, which was the reason given by Turkey for the attack. There is a Turkish movie you can see on the internet for free: Jin (2013). It is not about politics but reveals the atmospherics of the Kurdish Turkish relationship. Jin is a Kurdish guerilla fighter who leaves the mountains to try to reclaim a normal life for herself. It does not work out and she returns to the mountains. Critics have compared it to the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood. Last week Turkish soldiers caught some Kurdish brothers sneaking across the border to visit relatives. They were all beaten, one was beaten to death and he was stripped and his body was tossed over the fence into Syria. I think if there were not a lot of media looking at this region it would not be news at all. This was not near Kobane. The attitude of Turks toward Kurds seems to be very similar to the way American Indians were seen by American cowboys in the mid 19th century.A news clipping from San Bernardino in Southern California told about how some Indian stole chickens from a farmer, so the local farmers got together and went to the local Indian village and killed every man, woman and child. This was minor news in the county paper with just a few paragraphs in a little blurb buried in the paper.
A editorial opinion in Kurdish media likened the situation in Kobane to the Spanish Civil War. Rojava is the Spanish Republic, with innovative ideas of democracy and womens' rights, etc. ISIS play the forces of Franco, while Turkey plays Nazi Germnay. Kobane is Guernica
ISIS reports that Syrian regime forces are in Kobane helping the Kurds. This cannot be confirmed but it makes sense because the regime has said it was their duty to defend Kobane against ISIS. It is also reported that at least 3 factions of the FSA have been in and near Kobane for weeks fighting alongside the Kurds against ISIS. One group has 200 fighters, another group 300 and the largest group had 1500 fighters but had sent 500 away because there was not enough food for them. This also makes sense because the FSA announced weeks ago that they were sending a large force from Aleppo to help the Kurds in Kobane. It is also reported that these FSA groups in Kobane have been asking the US for weapons for weeks, with no response. I believe they see this as a test of how reliable the US is as a partner. The Kurds are committed to being neutral in the Syria Civil War. They have seen that most of the FSA factions want a theocracy that has no place for the Kurds. As Marxists, they cannot tolerate a theocracy. It is reported that the IS has 9,000 fighters around Kobane, which still has 50,000 people in it. They are giving rifles to young girls and grandmothers get hand grenades to throw. It looks like everyone left will be fighting. The YPG had announced days ago that Kobane was a military area and that all non-combatants should leave..
About 1500 FSA fighters are alongside the Kurds in Kobane and they have been there for weeks. There are 3 groups, with 200, 300 and 1000 fighters. The larger group had already sent away 500 fighters because there was not enough food in the town. All this time they have been begging the West for weapons and getting no response. This time is a test for them also, to see if they can rely on the US. Because of this assistance, the YPG will be under a moral obligation in the future to come to the aid of the FSA, although they very much would prefer to be neutral in the Syria Civil War. The Kurds have already had discussions with the various parties of the FSA and found that their intentions are mostly to have a theocracy that has no place for the Kurds. The PYD party that rules the Kurdish region is a Marxist party that is completely secular and could not tolerate a theocracy.
The common wisdom is that Kobane can only hold out a few days and then it will fall, based on reasonable considerations. I think unreasonable considerations are in play. The Kurdish Peshmerga are known as brave fighters, but the mostly Kurdish YPG raises that to a new level. The women of the YPJ auxiliary have sworn off marriage, children and family, to be soldiers until their land is free and independent. They have already accepted that to die in battle will be their fate. They carry an extra bullet in their belt to kill themselves with so that they are never taken prisoner. Will the men be less resolved that that? The civilians who are helping may not have this ethos, but I think the YPG and YPJ will fight to the end and never surrender. It will be like Iwo Jima or Stalingrad. The ISIL will pay a heavy price for victory, but then they also don't mind dying. But they might think twice before attacking another Kurdish enclave. And 40 million Kurds will never forget this.
Obama and Erdogan are both friends of the Muslim Brotherhood and they have no real interest in stopping ISIL. I believe that Egypt is sincere in their animosity to ISIL. They would have to act fast, but I think they are the last hope that Kobane has to help defeat the ISIL advance. They could get easily permission from Saudi Arabia and Syria to use their airspace. Turkey would shoot down Syrian jets but would they threaten Egyptian forces?
What Turkey says it wants does not match what it does. Erdogan is an ally of the Muslim Brotherhood and also to ISIL. He wants to destroy the Kurds in Syria and take over there. Why are there so many ISIL tanks out in the open near Kobane (where they can be seen from the border) but no planes are there to take them out? Is the US part of Turkeys' plan to assist ISIL? I recall that Obama is also friendly with the Muslim Brotherhood, which is why he has had such a falling out with Egypt. What Obama says he wants is as inconsistent with what he is doing as what Erdogan says he wants. It is pointless to bomb without spotters on the ground, except in a rare case like today when the international press can watch swarms of ISIL tanks from the Turkish border yet there are no allied aircraft to take them out.
Turkeys' interest in the buffer zone in Syria may be an attempt to occupy and destroy the Kurdish controlled region of Rojava in Syria. Turkey is helping the IS and encouraging them to take Kobane. The Syrian government said it would be willing to send jets to help the Kurds in Kobane but it is too close to Turkey. When they got that close before, Turkey shot them down. Air attacks in Kobane cannot be effective without coordination with the ground, but the US and NATO is prevented from doing that because the YPG defending Kobane is listed as a terroist organization. We are prevented by law from helping them or coordinating with them. The fact that the Islamic State is setting up a consulate in Turkey should dispel any doubts that Turkey is aiding them and has been for years. Also, whenever the Islamic State controls the border with Turkey, Turkey allows commerce through but they close the border whenever Kurdish forces are on the other side. The only outside actor that could reasonably help the Kurds in Kobane is Russia. Russia does not have a problem with the PKK or the YPG. These Marxist organizations have their roots in the Soviet Union.
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The Spread of Rocky Mountain Jihad

Mike1116 Wrote: Sep 20, 2014 4:54 PM
I think we should distinguish between Muslims who support sharia law and those that support secular democracy. Those that support sharia law should be regarded as enemy subversives and barred from entry to the US. Those that are already US citizens should be tagged and watched as would a member of the Communist Party in 1950.
It is not up to non-muslims to say who or what is Islamic. It is up to Islam. The Koran says that if you repeat the Shahada in Arabic it is not lawful for anyone to doubt that you are a Muslim. Everything the IS does is prohibited in some text and required in other text, so take your pick.
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My Trip to the Pot Shop

Mike1116 Wrote: Mar 26, 2014 2:10 PM
In my youth I would smoke weed whenever it was being passed around (i never bought it). I noticed that it different effects on different personality types. People who were very mental, not very emotional, tense and driven, would be calmed and relaxed by weed and it did not impair them noticeably. However, emotional people who were already very into feeling would be virtually disabled by weed by being overcome with feeling and losing mental clarity and control. Michelle, you are one of my heros.
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