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Turkeys' interest in the buffer zone in Syria may be an attempt to occupy and destroy the Kurdish controlled region of Rojava in Syria. Turkey is helping the IS and encouraging them to take Kobane. The Syrian government said it would be willing to send jets to help the Kurds in Kobane but it is too close to Turkey. When they got that close before, Turkey shot them down. Air attacks in Kobane cannot be effective without coordination with the ground, but the US and NATO is prevented from doing that because the YPG defending Kobane is listed as a terroist organization. We are prevented by law from helping them or coordinating with them. The fact that the Islamic State is setting up a consulate in Turkey should dispel any doubts that Turkey is aiding them and has been for years. Also, whenever the Islamic State controls the border with Turkey, Turkey allows commerce through but they close the border whenever Kurdish forces are on the other side. The only outside actor that could reasonably help the Kurds in Kobane is Russia. Russia does not have a problem with the PKK or the YPG. These Marxist organizations have their roots in the Soviet Union.
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The Spread of Rocky Mountain Jihad

Mike1116 Wrote: Sep 20, 2014 4:54 PM
I think we should distinguish between Muslims who support sharia law and those that support secular democracy. Those that support sharia law should be regarded as enemy subversives and barred from entry to the US. Those that are already US citizens should be tagged and watched as would a member of the Communist Party in 1950.
It is not up to non-muslims to say who or what is Islamic. It is up to Islam. The Koran says that if you repeat the Shahada in Arabic it is not lawful for anyone to doubt that you are a Muslim. Everything the IS does is prohibited in some text and required in other text, so take your pick.
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My Trip to the Pot Shop

Mike1116 Wrote: Mar 26, 2014 2:10 PM
In my youth I would smoke weed whenever it was being passed around (i never bought it). I noticed that it different effects on different personality types. People who were very mental, not very emotional, tense and driven, would be calmed and relaxed by weed and it did not impair them noticeably. However, emotional people who were already very into feeling would be virtually disabled by weed by being overcome with feeling and losing mental clarity and control. Michelle, you are one of my heros.
What do we do if a few or all 4 of our guided missile destroyers is sunk? They are almost safe if they stand 450 miles off of Syria. The most effective weapons against our cruise missiles are stinger type missiles and jet fighters. These are only useful if there is some advance warning the cruise missiles are coming. With our ships far out at sea and Russian ships in between, Syria will get good advance warning. Our budget-busting expensive cruise missiles will get through only if Syria proves to be incompetent. If they get through, they will hit buildings full of hostages. Then Iran promises to retaliate. They have 40,000 Revolutionary Guards pre-positioned South of our border. If each one manages to kill only 10 Americans, that is 400,000 dead Americans in a few days. Think of Mumbai times 1,000
Prior to Hitlers invasion of the USSR, America was content to stay out of the war and the Communists in the US were under orders to maintain that attitude. Afterwards the policy shifted completely, and Soviet agents went to work in both Tokyo and Washington to create a war between the US and Japan to prevent Japan from supporting their ally Germany with an invasion of Siberia. FDR immediately shifted his policy toward Japan from appeasement to confrontation, directly resulting in Pearl Harbor. The highest ranking Soviet spy was the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, who was highly regarded and had the ear of FDR. The declassification of Project Venona reveals there were at least 400 Soviet spies in high ranking positions in the US government and that they could change policy using misinformation.
Under American law and custom, such belligerent declarations can be a justification for a first strike. If nuclear weapons could take out their underground artillery positions and destroy their positions along the DMZ it might be worthwhile. The start of Summer means the wind blows North, which is where fallout would go.
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North Korea Threatens to Attack

Mike1116 Wrote: Mar 30, 2013 2:53 PM
I doubt that N. Korea can produce an inertial guidance system that could guide a rocket to Hawaii or Guam. But it would be easy for them to use a commercially available GPS system to accomplish the same thing. A basic part of our strategic defense should be to shut off the GPS satellites in that part of the world when it is detected that N. Korea has launched missiles. I don't know if that is the plan or how to reach the right person who would make that decision. Hopefully someone who reads this can make the suggestion.
We should regard Islamism as a worse threat than Communism, as a subversive conspiracy. There are many Muslims we would regard as legitimate religionists, but we should be very careful and suspicious. I think that the Night Watch comment from earlier is correct in that people in the Middle East become convinced that the government was behind the offensive film when government officials apologize for it. It is such a big mistake.
Everyone in a responsible position in government or the military should read Night Watch bulletins.
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