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Th eproblem is ObamaNOTcare does not make healthcare afordable even if it was run smoothly. To make it afordable for some ObamaNOTcare jacks up the costs on others making it now not afforadable for those that could afford it before. It is just a shell game where they are trying to fool us. And given the majority votes going to Obama and the dems they sure have fooled a lot of people.
Very well stated but the regressive will never listen because they already know what the outcome will be. How else will they get to be lords to us vassals.
"thanks gop"? Can't blame them for something Obama has done. A law that violates the constitution and the GOP are doing all they can to get rid of it and all Obama can do is go golf. He is being a great King.
If a person manages their money correctly they can get proper medical care WITHOUT paying the extortion of the insurance companies. Your pocketbook does not care if you have a pre-existing condition. And you bank account will never kick you out. The only limit is on how much you squandered on iphones and candy bars.
Being forced to shop for a new plan is NOT freedom. Being forced to pay more just because someone else thinks they have a better idea of how to run my life is NOT freedom.
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