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Colbert's Campus Coddlers

Mike09 Wrote: Jul 14, 2012 9:27 AM
John 5840: In pre-Internet days, people like you went to Star Trek conventions dressed as Klingons. I'll bet you know the combination to the safe in Captain Kirk’s stateroom aboard the Enterprise. Live long and prosper.

On July 9, Washington Post media reporter Paul Farhi composed a puff piece to honor Stephen Colbert, "fake news" commentator and satirical fake conservative. It turns out Colbert is becoming an "obsession in academia," with a new collegiate submersion in "Truthinessology."

Let us agree that he can be very funny. Let's also agree that his satire being taken seriously by academia says something about the state of academia.

It also says something about those in the press who agree. Farhi winked in his story that this obsession is a problem, but then unfurled a long list of academic...