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Easy. You see, evil Big Fructose is marketing to small, obese (sounds like an oxymoron) children by painting the soda cans with bright colors. And EVERYONE knows that Big Fructose lobby Republicans. How was that?
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The New Face of Business

Miguel A2 Wrote: Apr 21, 2012 11:16 PM
"Current commercial real estate isn’t configured to address the new wave of working. They are stuck in the past." I moved for a while to Houston, TX and rented an apartment. Since I constantly travelled as part of my job I asked the rental office if I could arrange for a direct deposit rather than having to write a check. I received the most incredible glazed looks. The rental company was unable to receive a direct deposit, payment on-line, or with a credit card! So Mr. Carter is correct in his assessment of real estate companies not adapting to changing times.
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