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To all ealy prinary states: You gave us McCain and Romney the last two times. You are inherently unqualified to pick presidential candidates. You picked two candidates that were firebrands against their opponents, but folded like cheap pc tents against the now semiretired president and executive dictatot.
Power of enforcement, not of usurping the power to modify the legislation. Immigration regulations clearly prescribe the conditions that have to be met to issue a work permit. Those regulations will be set aside by a false pretense of "prosecutorial discretion". Prosecutorial discretion is part of the adjudication of cases within the immigration system, and was designed for mercy in extreme cases. Obama is jumping over the regulations (legislative) and the adjudication (judicial) process, for a double whammy of encroachment of enumerated powers.
Amen to "all the nominees", as well as any new proposals. Not only that, actually file a budget. something Reid did not do, and have a 30% cut across the board, and 45% for EPA and IRS. 45% for the EPA should be enough to maintain compliance inspection operations.
How is Cruz, citing the constitutional powers congress has to check the power of the executive, constitute digging deeper? Article 1 Section 8 is very clear on the enumerated powers of the legislature, which includes the regulation of immigration and the power of the purse. Please point out to me where the "I can do this because congress will not allow me" clause of the enumerated powers of the executive.
One word: Hubris. The arrogance of this administration has been astonishing, enabled by the willful blindness of the MSM and the pusillanimous behavior of McConnell and Boehner.
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Did Obama Take a Dive?

Miguel35 Wrote: Nov 17, 2014 9:32 AM
"I'm pretty certain that if you put the names John Boehner and Mitch McConnell on a piece of paper and asked people walking into a grocery store just about anywhere outside the Washington, DC metro area, a pitiful few could identify both." Oh, you mean the two dipsticks majority leaders from the House and Senate, respectively, that cannot figure out the mandate given to them by the electorate? Or do you mean the two french republican surrender monkeys that have given away the two tools available to them to reign in an out of control executive?
The "I am your father" part at the very end is hysterical!
Higher costs, higher penalties? But, but... what about hope and change? I thought our premiums were not going to exceed $2500, and we could keep our doctor. Someone call Gruber and get him on the phone. There must be a mistake.
Rush SHOULD donate any monies to rape victims? That is rather liberal of you. I am not buying your "I am a conservative" bit. For all I care, Rush could spend the settlement money on fine cigars, fine steaks, or any other politically incorrect material.
Wanted: Man or Woman with a spine for House Speaker.
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Dear Mitt and Jeb: No, Thanks

Miguel35 Wrote: Oct 24, 2014 1:10 PM
We certainly, however, do not need a McCain or Romney repeat. Jeb Bush is wishy-washy at best. Do you want a repeat of candidates that would not call out Hussein for what he was and is? McCain and Romney were just bat-ugly against their opponents but fell back to the kid gloves when dealing with Obola. So please spare us the 1964 redux. We need someone that is a leader and that is not afraid to confront the democrats.
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