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TH writers and editors have become rather lazy in their reporting. asome of their articles are one or two sentences long, or consists of a youtube clip.
The land has been in his family since the 1870's. BLM, on the other hand, has been confiscating land in the name of "endangered species" and have done so with this man's land. Get a clue.
Obamacare is failing, Senate candidates are nervous ...Oh, look over there, The Koch Brothers!
The Committee has the power to arrest her and throw her in jail. I think once in a cage, the canary will sing.
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Francis: No, I am Not a Communist

Miguel35 Wrote: Apr 05, 2014 11:02 AM
Great analysis. Personal alms giving and care for the poor is charity. Having to contribute money at the point of a gun or a law to "help" the needy is not.
Please re-read the part that says: ""This is now the sixth consecutive quarter that we've had significant reductions of murder and violence in the city," Six consecutive quarters does not a winter make. Weather had nothing to do with the decrease.
Piers Morgan was canned for 20,000 league under the sea ratings and not for censorship. this is not about free speech, it is about the hypocritical double standard of political correctness for thee (conservative, libertarian, or republican) but not for me ( liberal).
If you voted for your (far left) mayor, you can keep your mayor. No booing allowed. You have to live the consequences of your vote.
I am completely shocked, SHOCKED, at you Townhall people. Senator Yee is a good man, a proud defender of families. He is completely consistent with his values: Gun control legislation to keep guns away from "bad guys" (i.e. law abiding citizens). That way, he can supply the guns to criminals. God forbid (deal with it, atheists) an armed citizen might hurt an innocent criminal during a felony in progress.
Sorry to disappoint you, by a troll is far from what I am. English is a very elegant language which has suffered greatly in the era of blogging and texting. I admire the work Katie does at Townhall in general, and specifically with the documenting of Fast and Furious. A mature person can handle and appreciates advice that can improve their behavior or job. Did I call Katie a name or somehow attempt to offend her? I do not think so. However, you decided to call me a troll, and associated me with Democrat Thuggery. Your ignorance shows when you associate my comments with serial spamming. That is when you went off the deep end.
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