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Vespa was probably a kid when Ruby Ridge happened.
The immigration system IS broken, and this particular case illustrates what is wrong with it. Namely, catch and release. There is now a new privilege in the U.S., one that is politically correct: I am an illegal alien and I have a special and protected group right (not to be found in the Constitution) of being in the U.S. Otherwise, you are a racist.
It seems to me that the divestment issue is one of energy guilt and an instinctive seeking of atonement. However, the false goddess of nature that the environmentalists have created with the labor of their minds and hands has no way of forgiving them, for it is as empty of substance as their endeavors. One of the models of progressive ideology is supported by the creation of crisis after crisis, where guilt is generated to effect a conversion to the ideology. The converted are now compelled to share the misery of their station with those that do not subscribe to their false faith. Steyer supposedly will sacrifice his fortune "to philanthropy and public interest causes", but is is strong bet that such charity will not include one dime to causes that are not "progressive". For indeed Steyer's coal fortune casts a very long shadow.
"Another military official in Tripoli, whose name was withheld, said he wasn't sure how to interpret that word — "attack" — at first." I wonder what the Ambassador meant by that? Maybe I should look up "attack" in Google or in Wikipedia, maybe I could better understand this unknown word. Oh, look, I have shiny buttons on my uniform. No wonder the name of the officer was withheld. Probably did not want his/her/its name connected to such a moronic statement.
"Black" letter law? You Racist!
Oh, great. Another communist candidate from the Democrat Party.
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Look Her in the Eye

Miguel35 Wrote: Apr 28, 2014 7:46 AM
By your logic,Mary the mother of Jesus, should not have fled to Egypt as Joseph had been instructed .She should have excercised her free will and stayed. After all, if the child Jesus died by Herod's hand, He would have gone to heaven. My advice is lfor you is to discern what is in your heart that makes you want to justify the murder of a child by a parent.
"While the students are lucky that a figure like Michelle Obama is willing to speak at their graduation ceremony..." Christine: Seriously, lucky?
TH writers and editors have become rather lazy in their reporting. asome of their articles are one or two sentences long, or consists of a youtube clip.
The land has been in his family since the 1870's. BLM, on the other hand, has been confiscating land in the name of "endangered species" and have done so with this man's land. Get a clue.
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