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Let us see...no review of the new rules, imposed over all objections. Yeah, this is going to be great. Welcome to the United Soviet States of America!
This administration continues to look smaller and smaller in foreign policy matters. The hole in which they are digging themselves in is getting quite deep. What an embarrassment. So a co-equal branch og government invites someone to speak. That branch does not have to ask permission from the executive. This is not (yet) a banana republic. Oh, wait: The executive already makes up laws as he goes along, not having the authority to do so.
Someone has to say it...it is all Fox News, and Rush Limbaugh's fault! Two down, and three to go.
Biden is channeling Clinton in preparation for his presidential run. Any mention in the media of his groping is, of course, part of vast right wing conspiracy.
Is this what the college feminist calling an "attempted" rape?
Feminist chicks are usually hot.
My fourth commitment is to stop Joe Biden from groping and kissing my wife,
I do not care aboiut this "expert" and his generalizations. there is a substantial group of people inthe "West", and around the world that do not have awool around their eyes. This group is not PC, and has not drank the kool aid of multiculturalism. We understand the threat against the civilezed world of a religious driven war.
Mr. Schieffer: Why is it bothersome? None of the other ridiculous or unconstitutional acts of this president have bothered you. Why now? I guess the search for "integrity" in the news has spilled over to CBS. Well, it has been dead since Cronkite declared the war lost, even when the VC had been decimated in the field during the Tet offensive.
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